Formal Gossip Episode 4: All For The Love Of Food!

A little recap for those new to Formal Gossip. It is an online video call series, hosted by yours truly. These 30-minute conversations with established content creators are an attempt to gain a nugget of information on how to succeed as a creator. For the first episode, I chatted with Kriti Dhir. For the second episode, I conversed with Sone Kanwar. For the third episode, I spoke with Ahana Mehta Mehrotra. The fourth episode was with Shagun Malhotra. A food […]

  August 12, 2020

Why should you host an Instagram giveaway?

It is just normal that advertisers and brands are committing additional resources to utilize Instagram to assemble their brands. And these brands are targeting those influencers who have a good amount of followers. Attracting brands at this juncture will be very effective in luring more followers to your Instagram page. The main reason for hosting a giveaway is to engage your audience. Audience engagement provides long term benefits. If you do not engage your audience regularly then you might lose […]

  August 10, 2020

How to Be Brand-Led for Greater Outreach

Customer-led, product-led, sales-led.  Or customer-centric, product-centric, and sales-centric.  These are the latest buzzwords when it comes to business strategy. Jeff Bezos used one of them in his statement to Congress: “I founded Amazon 26 years ago with the long-term mission of making it Earth’s most customer-centric company.” What do they mean?  That the business takes a customer-first approach when it’s customer-led or customer-centric. Similarly, sales become a priority when you’re sales-led, and the product becomes the heart of all decisions when […]


  August 10, 2020

Struggling with work from home? We’ve got great tips!

Way, way back in another lifetime (actually 2014) a Harvard Business Review post said: “to raise productivity, let more employees work from home.” What we want to know is who these super-human people are? How are they able to stay laser-focused?  We, at least some of us at DYT, struggle with work from home. Instead of being more productive, we are distracted. Netflix calls our name. The bed beseeches us to sleep some more. And let’s not even get started on snack […]

  August 8, 2020

What series to watch? Here’s Radhika Apte’s answer!

There is something to be said about the internet. Even when you’re scrolling mindlessly you stumble upon gold.  That’s what happened to this writer a few weeks back. A Google search of “what series to watch after Schitt’s Creek” led to an article on Tweak India.  The post shares Radhika Apte’s TV shows watchlist – series that kept her entertained during the lockdown. And suffice to say, it is gold.  This writer binged on one of those recommendations, and the […]

  August 7, 2020

What Not To Do On Instagram?

As an Instagram creator, if you’re working on expanding your reach, you need to establish your credibility. How does a creator become trustworthy? By avoiding the following mistakes: Don’t buy followers. Or for that matter likes. Fake followers and likes don’t give you long-term engagement. They do more harm than help.  It is why Instagram takes drastic steps in removing inauthentic followers, likes and comments. What to do: If you want to increase your followers, do it organically. Some tricks you could […]

  August 6, 2020

#ItsBetweenYou: WhatsApp’s First-Ever Brand Campaign!

Chances are you’ve already seen it and thought, “wow, WhatsApp is running ads now!” What most wouldn’t have realized is that it is a BIG DEAL (yes, in capital letters). Why? Because it is their first-ever global brand campaign.  They began in Brazil in Feb 2020. Here’s a look: In July, they launched the same campaign, called ‘It’s Between You,’ in India.  What’s the WhatsApp campaign? #ItsBetweenYou narrates ‘real stories’ using two ad films. Right now, available in English, the ads […]

  August 5, 2020

Top 3 Apps to Promote Your Podcast on Instagram

Variety is key to promoting a podcast on Instagram. That’s the inside tip we shared with you in our previous podcast blog. In this one, we tell you how to really get creative when talking about your podcast on the ‘Gram. Hint: add audio to your posts. Thinking but Instagram doesn’t have an audio format for posts! Well, hold your horses. There are some kicka$$ apps out there that can take the audio from your podcast, and convert it into a stunning […]

  August 4, 2020

How to build a strong Instagram community?

Being a part of a community feels like there are so many people with similar interests, tastes, sense, etc. Why is it important to be a part of any community? Apart from your family and friends, there are many people who will stand beside you and support you for your talent and work without even knowing you deeply. They will match their cause with yours and as this goes on – a big community is created unconsciously. This boosts engagement, […]

  August 1, 2020

The Rise Of Content Curators

Curation has always been around us. Before the Internet came around, most of us relied on editors to curate the content. Curation has changed how we receive news content (Reddit, Inshorts), how we shop online (Amazon, Myntra), and how we share with each other (Twitter, Instagram) or with our family & friends.   Right now curation is what blogging was 10 years ago. Whoever can bring together the best and most relevant content on a specific topic, can rise to […]

  July 30, 2020