Decoding Dolly Singh’s Instagram Handle For Content Tips

As people who are either born in Delhi or have called it home for many years, Dolly Singh’s content makes us feel seen. This woman can do no wrong in our eyes. Her content is always – we say it louder for those in the back – always on point. So, if you’re a new content creator, look no further than Dolly’s Instagram for content tips. Know the meaning of sellable content Finding your footing as a content creator is hard. It’s not all about […]

  September 20, 2021

Tips From Simran Anand’s Pocket On Creating Engaging Content

What could be special about a weekday? Take a guess. Well, you can definitely check the weather off your list or the dish on your dinner menu. We’re treating you to insights from our favourite fashion blogger – Simran Anand. From her pocket, we bring some coveted tips and tricks to grow as a content creator. Engaging content tips and ideas from Simran Anand An influencer marketer and content creator by profession, and a stylist by degree, Simran already has […]


  September 19, 2021

New Creator? Here Are The Apps & Tools You Need To Start!

The life of a content creator might seem bright and glamorous from far. However, a lot of effort goes into creating those Instagram-worthy pictures and videos. Starting as a new creator is not a walk in the park. That said, there are a few tools that make the creator journey a lot easier for you.  Physical equipment creators need Visual appeal plays a key role in determining your worth on Instagram. Hence, it is important to click high-quality pictures and […]

  September 18, 2021

Which Type Of Influencers To Use Based On Your Brand’s Need?

Influencers on the left, influencers on the right, a lot on your screen and a bit on your mind. In a world where influencer marketing is booming faster than you could say boomer, it is necessary to keep yourself educated. Why? Let us fill you in. For marketers, social media influencers are like wild cards. They are extremely useful, but tricky if their influence is not used correctly. On top of that, it is a soup of terms out there: […]

  September 17, 2021

Finance Creators! We’ve Got Tips Especially For You

As the craze of bitcoin and investing takes Gen Z and millennials by storm, a new category of creators has gained popularity – finance influencers or “Finfluencers.” What initially started as a simple idea of raising awareness about personal finances now has its own space on the internet, attracting followers from different fields.  However, the category is new, and the awareness amongst people about investing is still rooting in. So, if you’re thinking of becoming a fin-fluencer, know that the […]

  September 16, 2021

Decoding Aadar Malik’s Instagram Handles For Content Tips

It’s been a while since we started #DecodingInstaHandles of well-known content creators. We’ve spanned fashion, comedy and travel niches – the three most popular areas for content creators. Today, we branch into a completely new niche musical comedy (more on this in a moment) with Aadar Malik.  For those of you in the back, he does belong to the Malik family (think Armaan, Amaal, Daboo and Anu Malik). Aadar is an actor, a musician and a comedian, and he knows exactly how to […]

  September 15, 2021

How Many Followers Should I Have To Be An Influencer?

It sure does look like fun to be an influencer and earn some extra money by promoting brands, services, and products. But, have you ever wondered how YOU could become a social media influencer, and how many followers you would need to get there? We got you covered. Read on! Who exactly is an influencer? You could define an influencer as someone who has a significant and loyal social media following. They are often asked to endorse brands and products […]


  September 14, 2021

What Is Instagram Creator Studio And What Can You Do With It?

The rise of Instagram has been one of the most disruptive events in social media history. It took over all other social media platforms because of its lightning-fast innovations that sweep the internet by storm (every now and then), and its ability to engage all age groups.  While Instagram is replete with features that enable creators to post, engage with, and manage their content, the rapidly evolving digital landscape and our obsession with speed and ease demands a more efficient […]


  September 13, 2021

Decoding Kritika Khuarana’s Instagram Handles For Content Tips

The #DecodingInstaHandles series is back by popular demand, and today we’re demystifying a fashion content creator with a bohemian chic style and relatable personality.  Or as all of us know her: Thatbohogirl It took us a year of following the creator to realise her real name was Kritika Khurana (#truestory). To us, she was simply the blogger we turned to for outfit ideas or watched her YouTube channel to know how to style sneakers. Now, we are one of the 1.2 M people who follow […]

  September 11, 2021

How To Use The Right Hashtags?

Not sure how to use eye-catchy and unique hashtags to attract a larger audience? Interested in getting more and more benefits from hashtags? If yes, then follow these ways to use the right ones in your social media posts:   Use the optimal number of hashtags Use at least 1 to 3 hashtags in your captions. Although you can go up to 30 hashtags in a caption, using so many of them may look messy. If you want to use […]

  September 10, 2021