Don’t Be An Influencer, Be An Advocate

If you want campaigns and grow your audience, it is time you become a brand advocate and not merely an influencer. In the past few months, every time I talk to a brand for a campaign, the meeting ends up as an explanation of advocacy marketing – the thing that makes us different.  At the heart of it, Do Your Thng is not an app that acts as a matchmaker for influencers and brands. We help creators find brands they love and […]

  October 26, 2020

5 Creative Ideas For Content Creators To Beat Coronavirus Anxiety

Let’s face it, the global pandemic of coronavirus is here to stay. Even when the trends have observed a ray of positivity, it’s suggestive that we might have to accept living in the new normal. At least, until the vaccine arrives (we had to mention this)! Most of the research shows that we have defaulted in coping with mental stress during the pandemic. We’ve all dealt with isolation, stress, panic, and a bit (lot) of anxiety. Things have been even […]

  October 24, 2020

Are Videos Important in Influencer Marketing?

Hell yes! Videos are not just important; they are mandatory for both creators and brands. 70% of India’s data usage happens on online videos. Did you know that?  We sure didn’t and we were gobsmacked. Isn’t that too much? But then we realized 1 in every 3 people watch videos, and on average 67 mins of it daily. (source) And we’re not even taking into factor the surge in video consumption COVID caused. Remember the time when Instagram Live became the […]

  October 23, 2020

6 Technology Content Creators To Power Your Gadget Campaign

Gadgets are practically our most trusted companions in today’s world. Don’t you feel incomplete when you leave your phone at home or lose that pair of earphones? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! And you are definitely not the only one following a technology content creator to make an informed purchasing decision. Over the years, they have gained significant influence and a loyal user base. Their audience loves them and trusts them blindly. Large or micro, collaborating with creators can work […]

  October 22, 2020

4 Proven Tips To Fuel Your Content Creation Machine

‘To create or not to create’, sounds more diabolical than a Shakesphere’s tragedy. A creator’s journey isn’t outlandishly exciting as it appears to be. It has its own share of inhibitions, doubts, and at times, everything feels just overwhelming. The entire process falls flat, especially when you’re starting out. And you don’t know whether you should create or curate, or just follow the trending pattern. Frankly, there’s no pattern. Or, a concrete plan. But there are ways to solidify your […]

  October 21, 2020

How Much Money Does It Take to Create Good Content?

Creator envy is a real thing.  When we see the content of other creators, we often feel, “God, how much money would I need to create that?” Or worse, “They can create such good content because they’re rich!” In a gist, a lot of new content creators believe that it is a rich person’s game.  It is not. Good content is something that resonates with your audience or makes them laugh, cry, think, or feel. It doesn’t require boatloads of […]

  October 20, 2020

5 LinkedIn Updates You Shouldn’t Miss Out On If You Are A Content Creator!

“LinkedIn is a goldmine for content creators.” You’ll miss out on a world by keeping it out of your social strategy. The platform has observed a surge in content creators for it offers an opportunity to make valuable connections and find organic reach (until it decides to kill with the paid reach like Facebook). In the unprecedented times of 2020, LinkedIn has helped people to connect, find jobs, and the circulation of motivating stories on the platform has helped us […]

  October 15, 2020

6 Reasons Why Sonakshi Sinha’s Social Media Strategy is ASLI SONA!

“Thappad se darr nahi lagta sahab, pyaar se lagta hai”, the iconic dialogue made Shotgun Jr. Sonakshi Sinha a household name. Since then, her influence has only seen an upward trend, especially on social media. Only last month, DYT speculated on Shradha Kapoor’s social media secrets and for this month we have picked Bollywood’s original ASLI SONA. She posts regularly on Facebook and Instagram, while the celebrity deactivated her “twitter” account citing too much negativity on the platform. Let’s find […]

  October 15, 2020

5 Modern-Day Female Content Creators Who Inspire Us With Pathbreaking Careers

Those days are long gone when only film celebrities (read: male dominant) held influence over people. Now, with the wake of the internet and growing influencer culture, anyone who follows passion and carves their own path holds the ability to influence people, especially by creating unconventional content on social media. Their influence goes a long way in shaping our choices and preferences. We look up to them. for making small to big decisions like liking a picture to purchasing new […]

  October 14, 2020

4 Author Recommended Books That Are Also A Must-Read!

Remember how in childhood, you read all the chapters of your English Literature? Then you grew up and those books and stories took a back seat. In the midst of our daily hectic lives, we forgot how beautiful it was to read books! We are all having tough times with the pandemic. But if you look at the brighter side, you have an opportunity of reliving those childhood days where you loved getting lost in the fictional world of books […]

  October 14, 2020