This article is the first of a three-part series we call “The Dictionary” that explains the most common influencer marketing terms for brands and new creators.

What’s The Dictionary Of Influencer Marketing Terms?

It is your way into becoming fluent in influencer-speak. It explores the buzzwords creating a storm in the world of influencer marketing. 

As creators, we know that generating content takes time. It takes so much time that most of it should have been completed yesterday. Where does that leave you? It leaves you stranded in a sea of influencer marketing terms and jargons with nary an idea of what they mean. (We might be exaggerating a bit).

As the helpful souls we are, we thought, why not create a handy glossary. A dictionary of sorts that any content creator can whip out and refer to when lost in the above-mentioned sea. 

Why do you need The Dictionary?

For the uninitiated, hearing even one of these terms is akin to karmageddon. That’s when all wrongs done in life come crashing onto you like a wrecking ball and you are helpless to do anything. 

Hyperboles aside; a brand, an influencer, or hell even a company must stay on top of the lingo if they wish to stay relevant.

Influencer Marketing  Terms And What They Mean

Since most people choose the A to Z method, we’ve picked a different approach. DYT’s take is similar to the Dewey Decimal system. We sort the words based on categories, and the first one is general and basic terms. These are jargons you’ll find thrown around quite commonly.

Creator Economy

Meaning: “An economy that enables individuals to create and share their creations via technology platforms.”

With the birth of influencer marketing, a few got power. As it grew, the power evolved. Creators moved from influencing people to generating content. They began building strategies and then executing marketing campaigns for brands. Even more, creators are now striking conversations and have become a voice of authority. 

Realising the valuable resource content creators have emerged to be, companies are trading with them. This new marketplace is known as the creator economy.

Influencer Marketing Platform

Meaning: “An application or tool that helps brands, agencies, talent managers and influencers manage the influencer marketing process.”

Anything that helps a brand find online influencers and reach out to them is an influencer marketing platform. The better ones allow companies to manage their marketing campaigns through the App or agency. FYI, Do Your Thng is a perfect example of an influencer marketing platform.

Distribution Channel

Meaning: “Any platform through which content is shared or on which it is posted.”

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Blog. Website. Even emails. All these are distribution channels for influencers. They are platforms you use to send your content to others, publish it or simply amplify the reach. 


Meaning: “A specific area of marketing (or population) which has its own particular requirements and characteristics.”

In the business sense, a niche audience is one to whom a very particular product or service appeals. For instance, you are a beauty blogger who solely reviews electronic items like the Dyson Airwrap. To a brand, you represent a niche of people who are interested in such products.


Meaning: “When something happens naturally, without intervention via a paid model.”

When brands want to promote a service or product, they have two broad choices. A) pay people to talk about it and B) naturally get the attention over time. The latter is known as organic marketing. When an influencer encourages attention or drives conversation without being paid to do so, it is organic. 

User-Generated Content

Meaning: “Any type of content that has been created and put out there by unpaid contributorsi.e. users and customers.”

UGC can be anything that lies in between pictures, testimonials, tweets to blog posts. In the world of influencer marketing, when users promote a brand rather than the company doing it, it is known as UGC. The creator can be anyone. A person with a lot of followers or a social media user with only 10 followers. The idea is that each one has the power to impact people in their personal network.

When you share a photo on your Instagram with DYT’s logo, you’re creating UGC.

Content Calendar

Meaning: “An editorial calendar is used by bloggers, publishers, businesses, and groups to control publication of content across different media.”

It is precisely what the name says. A schedule you make at the start of the month (or week or quarter) where you plan out what content will be published at what date. From a diary to a spreadsheet, from a wall planner to a Google calendar, anything and everything can be used to make one.


Meaning: “The action of making it known to consumers whether a brand has engaged an influencer to produce content as an advertisement or marketing initiative.”

This is one buzzword DYT would like to emphasise on because we are working towards creating a more transparent social media. As influencers (and marketers) it is our responsibility to inform followers when we publish paid content. A simple #ad or #sponsored is enough, but every post must have this disclosure.


Meaning: “When an Instagram user reposts another Instagram user’s post to their own feed.”

Yes, we know this is one term everyone and their aunt knows. The reason we included it here is respect. Before you regram, ask the creator who made the content. Respect their effort. Just because you liked the image or video, doesn’t give you the right to repost it on your feed without permission. Also, please give credit where credit is due.

Follower Range

Meaning: “A measurement used to categorize influencers based on the number of followers they have.”

Another familiar term but included here to explain the latest phraseology of influencer marketing. When you have a low follower range, you become a micro-influencer. When you have a higher follower range (think 100K+), you become a celebrity influencer. Oh, by the way, it is micro-influencers who are becoming all the rage right now.

That’s it for today, folks!

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