Give Me More: Likes, Followers, Hearts, Retweets, Shares, Yadda, Yadda

Give Me More: Likes, Followers, Hearts, Retweets, Shares, Yadda, Yadda

  September 23, 2019



  September 23, 2019


They said don’t worry about your follower numbers. They said it was a vanity metric. They said it’s immaterial. Thought leaders may opine day and night, but it is as obvious as a certain-lip-kit-selling celeb’s augmented lips that they do matter.

The number of followers you have, the number of shares your content gets and the amount of engagement you extract are basics for an online influencer. They establish your credibility and authority. And let’s not even get started about the organic reach. 

You want to grow your online assets? You need to up the engagement rate. You need more double taps on your content? You need to raise the follower bar.

From Instagram to Twitter, an influencer exists in a symbiotic relationship with these numbers. That’s a given. What’s wobbly like the cat-eye wing of an amateur beauty blogger is how to go about it. How does an Instagram influencer get more hearts? How does a content creator get more shares on Facebook? How does a good Twitizen get more RTs?

That’s the questions explored here. 

FYI, we steer clear of bots, paid likes, bought followers and the sundry in the post. We contour around organic ways to increase engagement on three social media platforms. We dab a highlighter on creating kickass content (the king or the queen of the digital world).

How To Get More Instagram Likes Or Comments?

    • Post stuff that has people in it. Your face, your mom’s face, your boss’s face; it doesn’t matter. Pictures that have faces get more likes. 
    • If it can be said in a video, choose it over a photo. Video posts receive 2.1x more comments and more likes.


  • Never 👏post 👏without 👏captions. The more time a user spends on your post, the more importance Instagram attaches to it. What’s the quickest way to up that number? Pen down an engaging caption. Make it long or make it call to action. Ask your followers a question. Ask them to tag people who may be interested in the content.
  • Tag, tag and tag some more. Not just people but location too. It’s the easiest way to boost exposure of your posts on Instagram.
  • Hashtags are a great way to hike up #engagement. We’ve spoken about them here. Don’t skip it. 9 to 15 is where you should keep the number at. Still need to add a few more? Put the secondary hashtags to a comment instead of the caption.
  • Don’t, for-the-love-of-Manolo-Blahnik’s don’t use the same hashtags on all your Instagram posts. Just like your online content varies, switch up your hashtags too.
  • Stories are your best friend. 68% of Millennials prefer them, so get cracking
  • How do you involve your followers in stories? Use stickers. Start a poll. Ask for a vote. People love to give their opinion. Do a Ask Me Anything, that always leads to a good chinwag. 
  • Keep the stories fun. Pop culture references (can this post *be* more informative?), memes and humour get more engagement.


  • Before and after you publish a post, engage with other accounts and posts. For how long? 60 mins. More engagement on your part sends Insta’s algorithm a message. What message? That what you’re posting has value to your followers which makes the image or video appear higher on the feed (@Instagram: why you say adios to chronological feed? Why?)
  • Collaboration unlocks a lot of doors. Find the right brands or Instagram influencers connected to what you love and then work with them. We kid you not your reach will grow exponentially!

If good content gets you to 100, then great content will get you to 500. But it is engaging with other accounts (within your niche) that will get you to 1000. Instagram has one fundamental rule – ‘engagement feeds engagement.’ Every time you comment, share or like another user’s post, you increase the visibility of your profile. So, peeps get double tapping and typing on Instagram handles your love and adore. 

How To Get More Shares And Reactions On Facebook?

  • It shouldn’t even need mentioning, but still. To step up your Facebook game, an influencer needs a cracking Page. Peeps, Facebook Pages are like a million little puzzle pieces that put together make an incredible impact. So, to each section of the page pay careful attention. Like? The cover image and the profile picture have to be compelling! 
  • It’s not just the profile image that’s got to be attractive. Your post should have them too. Did you know that Facebook posts that have photos show 2.3 times the engagement?
  • Don’t stick to images. The format of your posts on Facebook show vary. Mixing formats (images, gifs, videos, texts,) extends your organic reach because the flow of content is fresh and appealing to your followers.
  • The more comments you have on a post, the more people will see it. That’s how Facebook’s algorithm work. How do you inspire the audience to interact? You get them talking by:
    • Evoking strong emotions – opinions work too!
    • Asking them a question – Why do you think that works? Well, readers get interested in questions.
    • Creating content on trending topics – topics that link to your expertise or passion.
  • No one likes an attention hog and everyone adores appreciation. If you want more followers on Facebook, then show love to your followers. When you give a shout out to another person (something simple as a mention) chances of engagement rise up.
  • Sometimes it takes a second chance on Facebook to get more shares. If you’ve got great, evergreen content that didn’t many eyeballs, share it once again. Repurposed, quality content tends to be more successful.
  • The golden trick to snowballing likes and shared on Facebook is a contest. The possibility of winning anything gets users interested like nothing else. Do a sweepstake once in a while.
  • When compared to uploaded videos, live videos get 6x the interaction. What do we mean? If you want more people browsing through your page and engaging with your content, go live on Facebook. They are tremendous at building a community and getting users involved.
  • Don’t be uptight like Hermione Granger. The I-know-it-all or we-should-follow-rules attitude doesn’t cut it on Facebook. Be humorous, influencers and your followers will be hooked. 

For Facebook, a caveat has to be crystal clear. Posts that are engagement bait are big, we repeat, big no. What’s engagement bait? Spammy post like the ones in the image below.

 If you goad followers into liking, sharing or commenting on your post, Facebook penalises you. How? By demoting your post. No matter how tempting it is, do not publish such posts in the hopes of raking up shares and likes.

How To Get More Twitter Likes And Retweets?

    • Got a tweet with a high number of RTs or hearts? Pin it. (Oh, this applies to Facebook too)
    • Spamming your followers on Instagram and Facebook with one post after the other is not the done thing. Not so on Twitter. You’ve got to be aggressive on this micro-content platform to get those follower numbers ticking. Tweet more, not less.
    • Anywhere between 7 to 15 tweets (your own content or retweets) a day will hit the sweet spot for a Twitter influencer and up engagement.


  • Oh, I can tweet 15 times in a day? Let me post them all in half an hour. Tweeting in bursts doesn’t flood your follower number, rather it dwindles it. Inundating a feed is annoying. Pace out your tweets over the day.


  • Keep the tweet shorts. Yes, Jack increased it to 280 characters but still. Shorter messages get more engagement. 
  • We spoke about opinions and how people love to dole them out. Use that instinct to get more traffic on Twitter by starting a Poll. Netizens just adore them.
  • Twitter is the master of hashtags. Add at least one to your Tweets. It will double the likelihood of engagement. 
  • Tweets with images. Why? They increase retweets by 150%. A text with a photo is always more eye-catching. For serial scrollers, the picture acts as a break. They are encouraged to read the tweet than skim it. After all, aren’t images why Instagram exploded?
  • Not a lover of images? Add a Gif or a meme to the tweet. They bring the ‘element of fun’ millennials are always craving. 
  • Images, gifs and memes not affecting your likes and RTs? Then add videos to your Twitter handle. A whopping 82% of Twitter users consumer them on the platform!
  • Bios on Twitter are powerful. Search engines (think: Google) index them. The right bio can help land new followers on your page. 
  • Add a location on your bio. It will do wonders to your reach, especially if you are influencer confined to a specific geographical area.

The golden rule to getting more likes on Twitter is a chat. What’s a Twitter chat? It is a discussion among Tweeters using one unique hashtag. Following the hashtag lets you keep up with the conversation. How does it help in engagement? You converse with people interested in the same topic, service or product in real-time, which sends more traffic to your profile. 

Any influencer genuinely interested in sparking dialogues should participate in a Twitter chat instead of merely posting a single tweet. How do you do it? Search for a hashtag relevant to your niche and then jump in on the chat! Better yet, host your own chat. It will reach an even larger audience. 

At The End Of The Infinite Social Media Scroll…

… it is about creating content that has value to you and your followers. You can shout it from the rooftops and you can sing it from the mountains, but you still won’t get likes or followers if the content is not on-point (and authentic).

What’s the lesson to be learnt? Utilise the entire bag of trick, but also:

  • Create imaginatively, relevantly and consistently.
  • Post timely.

And that’s how you definitely get more engagement on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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