Grow Your Brand, Effectively: Influencer + Influencer Collaborations

Grow Your Brand, Effectively: Influencer + Influencer Collaborations

  October 16, 2019



  October 16, 2019


2.39 Billion. In $ not ₹. That’s how big influencer marketing is, just on Instagram (let’s not even take Twitter and Facebook into the picture) and everyone wants a piece of this not-so-humble pie.

So, how do you, a very-much-humble content maker, get on the bandwagon? 

The traditional way is to become an influencer in your own worth and get brands to collaborate with you. But the beauty of the digital ether is in breaking moulds. You don’t have to go the tried and tested way to make it big. Instead of hankering to get brands on your side of the court, think influencers.

Ummm, what? Collab with other Instagram influencers? Well, yes. Aren’t two minds better than one?

Ummm, how? Oh, it’s simple. We give you the whole shebang in 5 steps.

How To Collaborate With Other Influencers?

Instead of beating about the bush, let’s go straight into it.

Step 1 Is Choose

There are 1 billion active users on Instagram and 39% of them are influencers. When you read between the figures, you realise there are just too-damn-many influencers on the photo-sharing platform. You cannot randomly pick one and start collaborating with them. 

Selection is critical. 

Choose an online influencer who has the same target audience as you because the chances of attracting their followers are higher. 

  • You: A go-green activist

Fellow content creator: Eco-friendly cosmetics influencer

Collaboration: You give a shout-out of a sale or promotion that the cosmetics influencer is planning. 

Getting the underlying commonality? Promoting your boho-chic clothing through an influencer who blogs about city-style won’t do you any good. On the other hand, a girl who rocks tie & dye will fit perfectly in the partnership. 

Also, don’t limit yourself to influencers with a bigger follower number than yours. Might definitely doesn’t make right in the world of influence. Micro and nano-influencers are all the rage right now because they have genuine power. Get on the craze. 

Key: Look for content creators with actual knowledge in their niche and a genuine voice.

Step 2 Is Love

The ocean that is social media clout is vast. It is gigantic and gaining the attention of another influencer is not easy because everyone is vying for a second of their time. To cut through the noise, begin by showing the influencer you want to collaborate with some love on Instagram (or any other social profile).

  • Follow them.
  • Engage with them (comment, tag, like).
  • Repost their content.
  • Endorse them.

Key: Do what it takes to show the other influencer you are listening and paying attention to their work. 

Step 3 Is Reach Out

Why is showing love to other content creators a cardinal rule? It opens them up to the chance of forming a partnership. When an influencer sees that you are authentic and take the power of social media seriously, they’ll be ready to listen. 

Now that you’ve softened the influencer a bit, reach out to them. Sliding into the DMs is one option, but be professional about it. A better way to develop the bond is to drop an email, preferably one that clearly outlines the collab goals. The email button is right there on the profile, peeps. Use it. 

Key: Do not ask for collaborations through comments. It is unprofessional AF

Collaboration Is About Cranking Up Influence

When all is said and done, collaboration is about increasing your influence of social media. Influence is defined by the three Rs – relevance, reach and resonance. 

  • Relevance: Pick an influencer who gels with your brand.
  • Reach: Ensure the influencer has true reach to their follower base. Engagement matters more than numbers.
  • Resonance: The collaboration should strike a chord with your and the other creator’s followers. 

Keep them at the forefront and your partnership with will succeed.

More Work Needs Done, Yet

There are two more steps to effective collaboration between influencers. We’ll be writing about them soon. Until then, digital natives we ask you to give the community some tips to doing a collab right. 

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