TL;DR: Besides sharing Diwali content ideas for 2022, we give you tips to light the diyas of your creativity & burn up social media this Diwali

Influencers, wake up. 

It is that time of the year when the spirit of giving is alive and social media is a bundle of warm, fuzzy feelings that can get you more engagement.

Fortunately or unfortunately (depending upon which side of the table you are), it is also the time when the social-sky lights up with hundreds of beautifully crafted posts. 

Making it harder for your social posts to shine brighter than others. 

With that in mind, we give you Diwali content ideas and tell you when to post them to get the most engagement. 

Diwali content ideas and tips on social media posts

The entire month of October is chock-full of festivities, from Dussehra to Bhai Dooj. Why are we mentioning the obvious? 

Because celebrations mean free time, which means your audience is more likely to scroll on Instagram and engage with your content. 

This is the perfect time to prepare a bank of content and start posting more frequently than you usually do. Now before you put that frown on your face, not all your content has to be festival related.

One is enough. If you can do more, even better. It’s the golden opportunity to grab attention and increase your engagement.

Simple, doable social media posts for Diwali

The ideas for Diwali content are endless. 

Since the festival is about food, lights, clothes, accessories, décor, crackers, religion and so much more, there is not a single influencer or creator who can fall short on them.

Diwali creative posts idea 1

If you are a beauty blogger, try a series of videos on YouTube with a makeup look for each day of Diwali. Lifestyle and fashion creators, try festive looks – clothes, accessories. And if you can do a complete look, who’s stopping you?

If you can collaborate with brands, go for it. If you can’t, give them a shoutout and get their attention.

Diwali creative posts idea 2

Half of India is travelling during Diwali in their rush to be at home. If you’re a travel vlogger, try posting a real tale on Instagram Stories with tips on #TravelDuringDiwali.

Places to visit, places with historical or mythological values. Places where Diwali (then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and finally New Year) is celebrated differently. There is a ton travel creators can do.

Diwali creative posts idea 3

Encourage your followers to share their plans for the festival season. Think: posts on Instagram with #OOTD.

Diwali creative posts idea 4

Hold giveaways. People love free stuff, and it’s even better when it comes at a time when their pockets are completely empty (#LosingAtTeenPatti).

Diwali creative posts idea 5

This is literally a thriving season for food bloggers and creators. Create some content on different types of food in different regions of the country, create a healthier version of them, give details, history, anything and everything you can do.

Diwali creative posts idea 6

When the world is bingeing on both food and drinks for weeks on end, you can shine. Talk about moderation or how followers can stay on an easy regime even during all the festivities.

Diwali creative posts idea 7

This Diwali content idea is for comedians. Not that they even need any tips. From the time of Diwali cleaning to the departure of guests, you have ample comedy to extract. Our Indian households never hold back on comic creators. Just ensure you don’t overdo it.

Diwali creative posts idea 8

Gifts can be a Diwali Instagram post idea for any creator. Come up with unique ideas for gifting and go for it.  Collaborate with other creatorsto generate unique content.

Think different like Snapchat and Spotify bringing the Gateway of India to life with the Landmarker Lens.

A final Diwali social media post idea

Every brand under the sun leverages the reach of influencer marketing during the festival season. So, go on the DYT app, find a campaign from a brand you love and use, and start creating sponsored content!

Remember Parle launching a Diwali campaign where bloggers had to upload dishes made with Parle? That’s what we’re talking about.

diwali content ideas

When to start posting Diwali social media posts?

Publish at least one Diwali social media post. That’s the bare minimum every creator must do. Since the festival is technically five days long, utilise the extra time. Plan and execute content for the extended period of 5 days to get higher recognition and engagement.

A tweet wishing everyone #HappyDiwali on D-day is all well and good, but if you want maximum traction, upload something before or after too.

Where to post your Diwali social media content?

As we always say, stay true to your brand image and your social platform. If Twitter is your stomping ground, commemorate the special occasion with a thread about the festival. If Instagram is where you hold clout, upload Diwali-prep pictures. 

That said, during Diwali, Facebook sees ‘1.12x increase in content creation and 1.07x YOY increase in conversations.’ Somehow, it is the preferred place to celebrate the festival of lights or taking Diwali celebrations online

Our advice is to do your usual thing and create at least one Facebook content, even if Instagram is where you live and breathe.

Tips to make Diwali content ideas easier

Prepare all the content, complete with editing, hashtags, and captions, beforehand. So that during the crucial 5 days of our festive content creating mission, all you have to do is upload.

In short, be a busy bee but don’t forget to enjoy yourself. You can, of course, choose to take a break and spend this time on yourself and your loved ones. Don’t do it because you have to.

We say adios with a humble request. This year, go green. Instead of bursting crackers that drown the city in unbreathable air for weeks, light sky lanterns. 

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