A Comprehensive Guide To Brand Collaborations – The Before

A Comprehensive Guide To Brand Collaborations – The Before

  October 30, 2019



  October 30, 2019


The powerful on social media have a long reach. A reach that is not limited to celebrities with over 100,000 followers. It doesn’t matter if there are 500 or 16,000 followers, as long as a creator keeps it 100, they are solid.

In this day and age, it is the passion to do what you love that defines your authority. And when you have influence, you have the chance to collaborate with brands, which is our topic for today. 

How does a content creator collaborate with the bazillion brands out there? The answer is divided into three parts. The first of which is what we call ‘the before.’

How To Get Collaborations With Brands?

Before you can even think of collaborating, you have to build an online presence. Without an established audience, no business would prefer to work with you. As we said before, you don’t need 10,000 shares or views to collab. What you require is authority on the followers you do have. While we have spoken about all the tricks and tips on how to be a social media influencer in detail, there is one highly relevant to this commentary.

Find A Social Network…

… and stick to it. 

Social media and the industry who wants to leverage it is slowly saturating. Gone are the days when they wanted a jack-of-all-trades. When brands look for an influencer now, they want someone who is laser-focused on one platform. Instead of making the grave mistake of spreading yourself thin on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc., etc.; choose one and cling to it like a barnacle. 

When the brand you pitch sees that you have history on the platform, with a specific voice and an engaged audience, they are more likely to partner with you. 

Find Your Thng

No, that was not a shameless plug for DYT. We actually mean it. 

In a day, brands are bombarded with inquiries from online influencers. From professional emails to spammy comments, they are pitched continuously for collaborations. If a content creator wants to secure one, they have to stand out from the hoi polloi. 

The probability of a brand partnering with you improves when you have ‘a difference.’ The difference is your thing – something you are passionate about. Pitching for collaboration becomes simpler when you have a thing because:

  1. You can prove to the brand precisely who you are
  2. You can demonstrate to the brand what you love
  3. You have an audience that enjoys the same thing as you

Collected, the three give the brand a crystal-clear picture of how you can be of value to them. 

Let’s say your Thng is sneakers. You not only obsess over them but also love to express through them. If your Instagram showcases this adoration unquestionably, a sneaker brand would love to tap in your followers. 

Find a collaboration

Let’s say you already have a potent presence on one social media with an image that stands out. Now’s the time to find collaborations. There are two ways to go about it:

  1. The brand will reach out to you through emails or DMs. This occurs when you have a sufficient follower number.
  2. You pitch to them. (We cover how to pitch to brands in the next post. So, keep your eyes peeled.)

Do A Favour, Prior To The Pitch

Before you send that long-a$$ed email to companies to secure a collaboration, you’ve got to tango with them. For a bit, at least. The dance is like a knock on the door. You make the brand aware of your presence and them you swoop in through the door.

How do you get to tango with a brand? By doing them a favour. Influencers are repetitively asking brands for hands out. Why not take a step away from the norm and do something for them? 

What type of favours?
  1. Like, comment, share their social posts. 
  2. Genuinely review their service or product.
  3. Endorse them on LinkedIn
  4. Mention them in your content (without expecting anything in return). Seen Chrissy Teigen randomly dropping names on Twitter? That’s how you do it.


Follow, mention, tag and do everything in between. The crux is to get on the brand’s radar before you send them an email requesting for a collaboration.

To sum up…

Before a content creator can pitch a brand for a partnership, three steps are a must. Select one social media network. Use it to shout-out loud about the thing you love. Search for a brand that fits your thing and then prove to the brand that you adore them. 

That’s all folks, until the next episode of how to collaborate with a brand!

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