A Comprehensive Guide To Brand Collaborations – The After

A Comprehensive Guide To Brand Collaborations – The After

  November 1, 2019



  November 1, 2019


How does a content creator collaborate with the bazillion brands out there? We’ve been answering this question bit-by-bit. If you landed on this page first, then do hop to ‘the before’ and ‘the middle.’ This is the final episode and what we call ‘the after.’

How To Find Collaborations With Brands?

What to do before you write the brand collaboration pitch? How to write it and who to send it? We’ve answered them before (peeps, you’ve gotta read the first two blogs in this series). 

What is a kickass creator got to do after the pitch has been done and dusted?

Follow Up

One email does not a brand collaboration make. Which one of us is not guilty of a messy inbox? And in messy inboxes, emails fall through the cracks. Ergo, send a follow-up email. Wait for a minimum of three and a maximum of five days, then write a version of “What do you think about the collaborative campaign?”

You aren’t butting in; you’re being thorough. 

You’ve Got Mail

Let’s say after some back and forth, you got the collab.  Now what? 

You create the sponsored post.

Since a lot of creators get stuck at this point, we thought to help you out. Your aim is to make the #ad not sound like a #sponsored post. For example, if you’re collaborating with an eco-friendly brand that sells wooden toothbrushes. Your content can be:

An image of the toothbrush with the caption ‘My Favourite Brush’ with a boring list of its benefits.


A short video or image showing the impact of plastic household products on the environment and then a caption talking about how a simple switch to wooden toothbrushes (tagging the collaborative-brand here) can bring massive change.

Keys To Making Collaborative Content

No one wants to read a boring ad post. Even the most loyal follower with scroll past it. So:

  1. Make it fun.
  2. Make it appealing.
  3. Make it relatable.
  4. Add it organically.
  5. Focus on the brand unobtrusively, so it doesn’t seem commercial. 

What If The Brand Reaches Out To You For Collaboration?

Way back in our first episode of the series, we mentioned that there are two routes to collaborating. The first one is the creator pitching to the brand, and the second is the brand reaching out to the creator. We’ve covered the entire journey of scenario 1. Let’s figure out how to tackle scenario 2. 

Once a creator or influencer has reached a particular stage, media outreaches start pouring in. Brands want to collaborate with you left, right and centre. Don’t fall for every DM and comment. A brand worth its influencer will go about it professionally. 

How Do You Decide Which Brand To Pick?

Not every brand is meant for collaboration. Some will be there purely to leverage the clout you have on your followers. Some will try to get your content for free. Be on the lookout for legit brands. Ask around in the creator community. Find if another influencer has worked with a business you are considering. If yes, get feedback. 

Moolah is one more factor to ponder. A good brand will compensate you for time and effort. That said, smaller brands may not have the budget for influencer marketing. While refusing the brand collaboration because of the lack of funds is okay, try a good faith gesture. Instead of an elaborate YouTube video, tweet a line about the small brand. 

How does that help you? When the business does expand its budget for paid brand collaboration, you’ll already be on their radar!

A Few Final Tips On Collaboration

You have all the information under the sun on how to collaborate with a brand, but extra tricks never hurt nobody. In that spirit:

  1. Do not go big. Pitch to small brands first. Get one or two under your belt and then reach out to the sharks. E.g., if you are lifestyle influencer, try local boutiques.
  2. Always research the brand to know if they fit your online persona.
  3. Join creator communities like Facebook groups to keep an ear on the ground.
  4. Download DYT. Yes, this is a shameless plug, but a sound strategy for you. Do Your Thng already has brand campaigns. Instead of you slaving over brands to collaborate with, the app hand delivers them to you.

The Point Of Collaboration

Established content creators with their #MykonosVacation pics and travelogues make collaboration look easy. For the creators who are still finding their footing, paid collabs are more like dreams, continually out of reach. This 3-post series hoped to help the latter half of the community. 

We sign off by reiterating the point of brand collaboration – mutually beneficial relationship for everyone involved. The brand gets potential sales by advertising their product or service through your platform. You, the creator, gets hard cash (or gifts) for your efforts. 

But there is a third side to online collaborations – your followers. The partnership serves them only if it is authentic. So, as an influencer, do your duty. Promote brands you sincerely and honestly believe in.

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