10 Still Life Stylists to Follow on Instagram

10 Still Life Stylists to Follow on Instagram

  November 5, 2019



  November 5, 2019


 Instagram has given birth to a new culture of product promotions, but how do you make your product stand out? Quality attributes are one but if the product fails to attract the audience, none of its characteristics will matter.  An interesting still life or flat lay composition is the key to maintain an Instagram feed with appealing aesthetics. A still life is a work of art exhibiting the product with props around it. Still-life stylists are acknowledged as product stylists as well. Here are some of our favourite still lifestylists on Instagram : 


  1. Anupriya Roy

 Anupriya Roy is an Indian still life stylist, who has a distinct European touch to her flat lays. While some of her artwork borders on a younger persona, most of it is inclined towards pink and pastel luxury palettes. Flowers are a common recurring element in her content and occasionally the contrast is credited by green leaves to restrain the femininity of the palette from overwhelming the audience.


2.)    Wen Ting Gu

Based in New York, Wen’s work lies amid characteristics of quirky and surreal. Her fondness for food and ingredients is quite palpable in her flat lays. The general aesthetic enveloping her content is clean and minimalistic ensuring focus on the key product. Her palettes are mostly earthy and organic exhibiting a fresher aura.


3.)    Kimberly Swedelius

The intriguing element in Kimberly Swedelius’s work is that even though she mostly retorts to lighter colour palettes, her sense of balancing still life with props and products in dark colours is quite commendable. It is one thing to make a composition interesting with pastels and nudes but darker tones are quite a challenge. Plants, flowers and fruits are common recurring elements and are often accompanied by abstract elements in the backdrop. Her preference is to let the main product take the most attention and other elements to simply create the mood as add-ons. 


4.)    Alma Melendez

As delicate as her design sensibilities might be, her portfolio is quite eclectic. Her content ranges from makeup to food, from accessories to footwear. The colour tones are not maintained for the Instagram feed and are more in accord with the product itself. If her muse is a sports shoe then she adjust her aesthetic accordingly whereas if it were a cosmetic product, she lets the femme within her take charge.


5.)    Karen Gordon

Mellow, melancholy and mesmerising are three keywords that can briefly sum Karen Gordon’s work aesthetics. The colour scheme rarely faces contrast and is neatly maintained on the Instagram feed curating an immediate mood and appeal. The elements she uses to accessorise are often feminine with dry leaves adding a rustic touch. This still life stylist has content ranging from food to books, cosmetics to scents and more.


6.)   Claire Baker

Claire Baker’s work stands out due to her creativity and casual usage of quirks. Her portfolio comprises of styling in food and fashion. Her content keeps one intrigued and has something for everyone, while for some flat lays she would stick to minimalistic design elements, whereas for others she would not hesitate to over accessorise.  


7.)   Maya Linhares Marx

 This London based stylist maintain a sporty and quirky aesthetic in her still life work. Maya’s work puts the main product in focus first. Second, she tries to maintain a colour palette that does not overpower the product. To some people, her compositions might come off as chaotic but for somebody looking for inspiration for styling with watches, she generates pioneering content.



8.)   Michaela R. Baker

A still life stylist based in London, Micheala also handles moving imagery. Her aesthetics are very clean and scattered and not dependent on any palette and mood. She is not restricted to any product either. Michaela curates intriguing content for people looking for inspiration with watches, alcohol, cosmetics, and perfumes. 


9.)   Sarah Louise

The essence of her design sensibilities lies between minimalism and monochrome. What is interesting about her Instagram feed is that despite having a profile with refined visuals, she is not keen on maintaining a given mood. She prefers adding more focus to the product and her aesthetics are quite gentle, enabling her to add a touch of delicacy in all that she does.


10.)        Elpida Magkoura

Elpida is a window display designer, visual merchandising consultant and still life stylist. Her understanding of elements of design is high which enables her to understand the mood of the product. Her portfolio stretches from food to fashion and everything in between. Elpida’s aesthetics are neat and clean and often she adds hints of abstraction.




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