10 Indian Comic Artists to Follow on Instagram

10 Indian Comic Artists to Follow on Instagram

  November 7, 2019



  November 7, 2019


Essential ingredients for a humourous day!

Laughter is the best medicine and witty one-liners always crack the chuckle-looking-at-your-phone-code. These comic artists have their own defined design language and some of them share their experiences and tips regarding the comic content creation industry for beginners as well. What’s more? All of them are Indian and deliver content that is relatable to us all.


  1. Neha Doodles

Colourful visuals and comic aesthetics injected with a trademark playful nature- Neha Sharma (also known as Neha Doodles) curates content relatable to every Indian. The characters are drawn with minimal details but her comic series follows a lively spirit with a pun waiting at the last page. Her pet, Minty, is one of the most recurring characters in her series and take note- Minty’s sass is a big deal on the internet!

  1. Alicia Souza

Alicia Souza has clean and minimalistic aesthetics. As an individual, Souza is a chirpy person which is why her content is a breath of fresh air. She often illustrates content after deriving inspiration from her husband George and their adorable married life along with their two pets, George and Henry Oats. The colour palette followed by Souza is either in pastels or monochrome, leaving ample white space and creating a neat visual.


  1.  Bakarmax

 Awarded as the best Indian Webcomic 2017 and 2018 by Comic Con India, Sumit Kumar’s comic strips can be tracked on Instagram by searching for the handle Bakarmax. Kumar’s sketches are freehand yet they never fail to deliver the point. Moreover, they are delivered with a unique style of crispiness and curtness.  His content engages with political and historically relevant information. His content covers serious topics, with a casual tone, making the reader feel like they are engaged in a direct conversation.

A plus to following this talented artist, he now has a YouTube series called Aapki Poojita which you can view here. This show follows the adventures of Poojita, who grew up on Doordarshan as India’s sweetheart but finds herself “cancelled” in the new era of smartphones and social media. We highly recommend this ingenious satire to our readers!

  1. Brown Paperbag Comics



Brown Paperbag Comics, a webcomic is run by Sailesh Gopalan. His content centres around millennials and their perpetual struggle with their parents, partners and that odd feeling of occasional ennui- but in the most lighthearted way possible!

He maintains minimal drawing yet does not leave white space and rather has his comic strips exhibit a more wholesome visual. His characters are quite loosely drawn in a carefree silhouette.


  1. Tall Girl Toons


Tall Girl Toons maintains a neat feed in a monochromatic colour palette. The drawings are clean and crisp depicting a conventional comic aesthetic. The storyline that follows is as the name suggests- life of a tall girl and the struggles and joys that follow with it. The artist, Xena Ramakrishnan shares her own experience as an individual too tall for Indian height standards. Sometimes she is figuring out how to incorporate smaller furniture in her life, whereas on other days she enjoys using her friends as an armrest.


  1. Appu Pencil

Appu Pencil follows heavy designs with intricate illustrations. Some of the stories that follow are from his fantasy worlds like the Halahala Dimension, Moonward, Legends of Halahala, Aspyrus, and The Snake & the Lotus Rashtraman. He uses his comic strips to voice his political opinions in a very engaging manner. He features various superheroes and fictitious events occurring in parallel galaxies. Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru are often found on his page, standing alongside his own personal brand of superheroes.


  1.  Percy Bharucha


A writer, illustrator and cartoonist, Percy Bharucha’s acclaimed comics run by the names of “Cats over coffee” and “The Adult Manual”. Bharucha is not inclined towards colours and uses black and white to compose his narration. The characters drawn are sketched in a carefree silhouette with less attention to details. His comics exaggerate the nature of cats and give them a supreme identity in a funny way. For example, his cats refer to their owners are flesh bags and often await for the end of the world.


  1.  Uncle Subbu Comics


As the name itself suggests, Uncle Subbu Comics is several dad jokes served together in a buffet. This comic web series runs on the content of an Indian father and his daughter Ranju. The father tries to keep up with his daughter in a world dominated by social media and in their light-hearted everyday arguments. The comic strips are in line with the traditional neat aesthetic of comics and everything exhibits a planned and systematic visual.


  1.  The Killjoy Cat

The Killjoy Cat by Shubhangini explores content related to feminism, LGBT rights, political issues and mental health as well. Her sketches give a hand-drawn impression and she follows a black and white palette. One can also say that though her sketches have a delicate touch to them, they are a powerhouse in the messages they deliver.


  1. Comics by Noorie

Comics by Noorie are conventionally illustrated according to the comic web series norms of text bubbles and exaggerated emotions. The content she engages in is relevant to a millennial’s or teenager’s day to day lives such as procrastination, school vs college, etc. An exciting piece of news from Noorie is that she is starting with commissioned work where people would be able to see themselves in her comic style or have a mini-comic of their own! Contact divascreationsforyou@gmail.com to learn more about this. 


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