Credible. Trustworthy. Authentic. And reliable. Creators of today are all this and more. And that’s why 92% of people rely on influencers for recommendations more than traditional adverts and mega-celebrities.

Why are we tooting the creator horn? Because the year, nay the decade, is coming to a close and we wanted to end it with your eyes trained forward.

2020 is going to be the year for content creators. The power of influencers will be bigger than before, and it’s up to you to make a bang.

By capitalising on influencer marketing trends for the new decade.

5 Influencer Marketing Trends For The New Year That Every Creator Needs To Know

First things first, marketing, it seems, has a way of coming full circle. From word-of-mouth to mass adverts to word-of-mouth again. Making 2020 the year of nano, i.e., real creators whose followers are not legion but less than 10,000.


Focus On The Last Influencer Tier

How does a creator leverage the trend?

Instead of focusing on the number game, get to know your present audience better. You know that saying ‘rag-rag se waqif?’ Make it your goal for next year. Being aware of precisely what your followers like, need or want creates a more intimate connection. And it’s this connection brands are looking for in influencers.

TL;DR: The better you know your audience, the more collaborations you can get.

Brands Will Want Creators With Personal Connections

For brands, it isn’t enough to create a new product, package it and sell it. The audience wants to be ‘bought-in,’ meaning they have to feel a personal link to the product or the brand.

How do they achieve this exalted goal?

By collaborating with influencers who have an authentic and personal association with their audience based on similar values and ethics.

How does a creator leverage the trend?

Focus on the art of storytelling. Share with your followers true anecdotes and tales. Ask them for their stories. Use interactive polls to engage the community. Put Instagram Stories to use to knit genuine and individualised ties.

Influencer Marketing Will Be About Long-Term Relationships

The prevalent influencer marketing trend in 2019 was to use a creator for one campaign and then rope in another one for the next. In very rare cases did brands return to a previous creator. It made collaborations fleeting.

In twenty-twenty, brands will look for social media influencers with whom they can build long-term relationships.

How does a creator leverage the trend?

A content creator’s life is a ticker-tape of ‘find brand, pitch brand, collab with brand and repeat.’ With brands searching for lasting collaborations that continue for some time, it reduces your hustle.

How do you show a brand that you are worth an enduring collab?

By gaining the mantle of immense persuasion power and credibility with your followers. It’s logical. The more sway you hold on your following, the more likely they are to listen to your recommendations and the higher the chance of a brand gaining new customers.

More Videos, Audio And Shoppable Content Consumption

6 out of 10 people prefer to watch a video online than switch on the idiot box. It is why one of the biggest influencer marketing trends in the new year will be more video content. Clubbed with it is the rise of audio content. When compared to typical text posts, audios perform better.

How does a creator leverage the trend?

This one is self-explanatory. Make more video content, and your reach will expand. If you’re focusing on the younger generation, stick to podcasts. Did you know 67% of podcast audience is in the 18 to 34 age-zone.

If you prefer conventional image and text posts, then make them shoppable. More and more internet users want to purchase products directly from the networking site they are browsing. Shoppable posts ensure that they don’t have to leave the platform to do so.

Brands Will Go To Creator Platforms To Look For Influencers

The organic process of finding an influencer is too long-winded. It takes oodles of time and heaps of effort from the brand. At the end of it, the odds of finding the right fit are low. So, brands are slowly shifting towards platforms where creators aggregate.

In the coming decade of the 21st century, brands will go to creator communities instead of individual influencers when they want to collaborate.

How does a creator leverage the trend?

Become a part of an influencer platform or better yet join a creator-first community like DYT. And no, this is not a blatant product push, it is anchored in the knowledge that creators are stronger together.

We’ve seen it in the past few months. The big area of growth is honestly with creator communities. More and more brands are preferring them as communities help find the right creator, the one who gives actual engagement and concrete outcomes.

Got More Influencer Marketing Trends? Share Them!

The creator industry is booming. So, we’re relatively confident that the post skipped a few influencer marketing trends that’ll be germane in the new year.

Think the ‘20s will be the year influencers move from Instagram to TikTok? Believe that creators should focus on YouTube more? Feel new platforms will shatter the status quo? Share your predictions with us.

As DYT says adios to its birth-year, we’d like to show gratitude to every creator who has embraced this community. Without you, we wouldn’t be possible.

So, thank you for tuning in from the bottom of our double-tap-loving hearts.

Let’s keep this delightful journey rolling in 2020!

Happy New Year 2020


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