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The Transformation In Influencer Marketing In 2020

Blursday.  That’s how 2020 went for most of us. We didn’t know when Monday turned into Friday or April to August. What we do know is the year that ‘doesn’t count’ is ending. (Thank you, dear sweet baby Jesus!) So, all of us at DYT say down together (virtually, of course) to reminisce how influencer […]

  December 30, 2020

DYT 2020 ⏪

This was a tempestuous year. One of the things that helped me get through it was the community at DYT. And when I say community, it includes team members but especially creators.  Without you, 2020 would have been a black hole. Your content gave us information when we panicked the most. It gave us belly-laughs […]


  December 29, 2020

7 Tips To Help New Instagram Creators Increase Reach & Following

Are you starting your content creation journey on Instagram? New to the game of engagement & likes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To help you ace your creation strategy and gain prominence on instagram (that’s where you spend time anyway), we’ve created a list of essential tips. Check them down below: Experiment & Innovate […]

  December 29, 2020

Tips For Budding Food Bloggers

Food blogging is not just a hobby, it is a passion, an art which only some of us could follow. Preparing food is difficult but giving instructions, explaining each and every step and then making it presentable is much more difficult. Food blogging gives you a chance to showcase your talent in front of everyone. […]


  December 28, 2020

Be Honest With Your Content: AMA With Nakshatra Bagwe

I’ve had the pleasure to sit down and converse with some incredibly talented creators, creators who work tirelessly to help others, creators who made it just at 16 and so many more.  This Ask Me Anything session was different. Yes, he is a creator (and an actor, filmmaker, business owner and writer) but he is also the champion of the LGBTQ+ […]

  December 24, 2020

Your Year-End Music Wrap Up!

Music is one of the things which helped us survive in this pandemic. Whenever we are watching any series or any movie, the characters and the songs lets us dissolve into the scene we are watching. Be it a romantic comedy or someone’s happy dance videos, without music it gets so boring. Don’t you agree? […]


  December 24, 2020

6 Last Minute Christmas Gifting Ideas!

Remember the times when we used to dance our heart out with an extra-large smile on our face after receiving gifts from our loved ones. Even today, when we are older, special days of our life get us excited for gifts, especially during the festive season.  Receiving gifts is one thing but giving them brings […]


  December 24, 2020

7 Creators Who Are Advocating For A Balanced And Healthier Life

There was a time when we watched health shows on television. Over the years, we have shifted from waiting in front of the TV to simply watching on Youtube (add Instagram). The influence of health and fitness bloggers has surged over the past few years (courtesy: jio), and in lockdown, we all have been searching […]

  December 23, 2020

8 Ways To Create An Insta-Worthy Corner At Your Home

Ever woke up in the morning wondering- oh, my face is so sunkissed? “The lighting is perfect, let me just click a picture.” Only to skip posting, because of the crammy background and missing aesthetics. It happens, right? Well, there are things you shouldn’t be doing on instagram, but maintaining aeshteic value of your profile […]

  December 22, 2020

Closing 2020 With A Positive Note

Annus horribilis. That’s Latin for a horrible year, and it sums up 2020 perfectly.  For many creators, it was even harder. Creating content in the times of coronavirus was anything but child’s play, and it took a toll on mental health. COVID-19 was just the tip of the iceberg. Bushfires. Flash floods. Volcano eruptions. Locusts. Cyclones. And not to […]

  December 21, 2020

5 Travel Content Creators Building Up the Industry One Destination at A Time

A shout-out to a few travellers who are helping revive the travel industry after the pandemic! COVID-19 devastated the world, but no business was hit worse than travel. With borders closed, flights cancelled, and people stuck at home, the global travel industry came to a standstill. In May, Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb, wrote that they had […]

  December 18, 2020

How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Stories

Even Google has stories now.  We’re not kidding. Check this out! So, suffice to say Story format is the clear winner in content. Every social platform out there uses it. And every content creator should also – especially if you want to up your game.  That’s why creators are now posting 3 times more on Stories than […]

  December 15, 2020

How To Fight Work From Home Blues: Lessons From Creators

Way back in March, when the lockdown was just imposed, our founder gave us tips on working from home. One of his advice was that for newbies, remote working is freeing.  It’s exciting because you can get up 15 minutes before the workday starts and still punch in on time. It’s exhilarating because no boss is […]

  December 15, 2020

Balancing A Side Hustle On Social Media With Your Traditional Job

We, as is our invariable custom, commenced Humpday with a conversation – in our minds (Wednesdays tend to make us wonky). The topic that got our underpants twisted was ‘how do creators straddle the thin line of full-time work with social media careers?’ They do it all, and they do it well.  When there are […]

  December 12, 2020

Your Year End Binge List!

Thanks to OTT platforms, 2020 was only bearable because we had amazing shows to binge while we pretended to work from home (come on, let’s admit it). There were innumerable new releases during quarantine, where popular shows like Mirzapur, Inside Edge, Sex Education, Hostages, etc. engaged us by releasing new seasons. But today, we won’t […]

  December 11, 2020