In the race of retail E-commerce, often some individuals hanker for accessories that are more exclusive. Not only do handmade goods ensure true craftsmanship but assure the individuality of the designs as well. These 10 Indian handmade earring designers bring forth their exclusive designs to give your outfit a fresher appeal.

1. Chumma

As interesting as their collections are, their name holds an interesting story too. “Chumma” means kiss in Hindi whereas, in Tamil, it denotes the term casually. All of Chumma’s accessories are handmade, they curate rings and necklaces too but earrings are their best sellers. They use Indian prints such as Kalamkari, Ikkat, etc with silver-oxidised metal charms. Their most interesting collection is the once dedicated to Frieda Kahlo and Rekha. 

2. Nakhrewaali



Handmade Earring and Accessories by Nakhrewaali has made fans of celebrities and influencers all alike. Nakhrewaali’s range of earrings and accessories connotes a maximalist Indian taste with bright colours and intricate details done by beads, stones, cowry shells, etc. Their collections are diverse, while some are hand-painted, the others’ are hand embroidered. What’s more? Actress Sneh from Period. End of Sentence was featured wearing a blouse from Nakhrewaali at the Oscars.


3. Krafted with Happiness

This Indian Handmade Earring label ranges from oxide to acrylic, pom pom to beads, casual to festive. Based in Delhi, Krafted with Happiness ships worldwide. They have a complete accessory range of necklace, rings, etc. The best part about Krafted is that they provide customisation too with texts such as “team bride”, “baraati”, “dulhan”, etc. engraved in their earrings too.

4. Amama


Amama is originated from the Telugu word “Amma” meaning grandmother. The designs at Amama are inspired by all the gorgeous jewellery the Founder inherited from her grandmother and various nooks and corners of the world. Amama harbours a complete accessory range along with handcrafted earrings. Be it the concept of supernatural entities or the culture of Afghanistan, this Indian Handmade Earring label draws its inspiration from eclectic genres. They prefer to use various metals and stones for their jewellery. 


5. Technicolour Jewellery


Technicolour Jewellery by Jasmin Kaur offers handmade customisable fabric jewellery. Their range of accessories majorly focuses on handmade earrings made out of Fabric, shells, beads, and embellishments, etc. Staying true to its name, they use bright colours and mould their earrings in unconventional forms and silhouettes. 

6. Vonzo Handcrafted


With their delicate and feminine aesthetics, Vonzo brings forth its exclusive range of handmade earrings. They curate necklaces and rings as well but their unique selling proposition is their handmade earrings. Vonzo’s handmade earrings are made using thread, buttons, tassels, fabric, etc. Vonzo’s earrings are a go-to-thing for every girl who is looking to quirk her very day casual look.

7. Berserk India


Berserk is for the daring and experimental. Berserk mainly uses metal to create handmade earrings. Most of the inspiration drawn by the team of Berserk comes from art and their intense passion for design. What’s more? They hold a quirky range of handbags too.


8. Chaak Maati by Priya Yadav


Priya Yadav is a ceramic artist who has given way to her passion and begun to create jewellery out of it. Her range of accessories exhibit a humble and grounded persona with an earthy palette. Almost as if every piece of jewellery is telling a story itself, Chaak Maati’s aesthetics borders on surreal and are a selective taste. The earrings are handmade by using materials such as acrylic, shells and threads. Handmade earrings by Chaak Maati are a head-turner that will compliment any regular outfit.  

9. Maaya

Based in Kolkata, Maaya by Madhurya creates handmade jewellery with a festive appeal. Maaya’s handmade earrings made out of stone and metal comes at an affordable price. They mainly work with silver metal but have some collections dedicated to fabric and thread as well. 


10. Kruti Arts

Kruti Arts by Kruti Popatia ships their handmade earrings worldwide. The earrings at Kruti are in pop colours adorned with thread, cowry shells and other such intricate details. The best part about the handmade earrings at Kruti Arts is that they have both big and small size. The smaller ones are more girly in nature whereas the danglers are targeted towards an above 20 audience.