For some of the sloths that inhibit the DYT workspace, the explosion of Instagram has been a boon. What even the nagging of friends and parents couldn’t accomplish, a fitness enthusiast on the photo-sharing app did with a couple of posts.

What gibberish are we spouting? 

We’re talking about the magnificent and mighty Kayla Itsines. The creator of the BBG program got our keisters out of the chair and into workout pants.

Kayla also got us thinking about all the creators who hope to become a fitness influencer on Instagram, which got us here – a short guide on how to be one.

7 Things to Build Your Fitness Journey on Instagram

Like all creators, begin by making an Instagram account solely focused on working out and a healthy lifestyle. If you already have a profile, then it is best to open a 2nd account. Separating your everyday life from your creator life helps in the long run.

Once this foundational step is out of the way, comes the hard work. 

What to Post on Instagram?

The key to building a follower base on any networking site is creating quality content. 

    • Since you’re taking the initial steps to a fitter body, a great idea for content is to take selfies right from day 1. They make for excellent before and after posts. Plus, they become a visual diary of your journey.
  • For those who have already been on the path to a more active and healthier body, some Instagram content ideas are:
    • Selfies work for you too. Show off that post-workout bod. It will inspire not just your followers but also you to do more.
    • Do a #TBT post. Everybody loves them.
    • Videos are great for Instagram engagement. 
      • Film a short time-lapse tutorial or quick warm-up for a post
      • Use longer videos for IGTV. How-to-do clips are popular with internet users. (Remember to edit before sharing, especially for IGTV.)
  • After work-out meals or even nutritious recipes for the rest of the day, combine two popular ideas – food and fitness. Every few days, share your food inspirations. (FYI, this includes any shakes and smoothies you load on).
  • If you are a nutritionist along with a fitness creator, share tips on a healthy diet plan.
  • While exercise tutorials can always be your fall-back option on what to post on Instagram, in-the-gym shots are effective too. Click a picture while you perform a squat or yoga pose.
  • For every 6 to 7 Insta posts, share an inspirational or motivational quote. Use some of the well-known creators in the field for quotes. (A pro-tip: tag the fitness figure to boost the visibility of your profile).
  • A little humour uplifts the entire tone of your  profile. Post gym jokes or funny behind-the-scenes image or videos. 

Add a personal touch…

While it is great to dedicate the entire account to workout regimes and nutrition plans, the power of online creators lies in connecting with their followers. How do you do that? By adding a personal touch to the profile. Some tips on how to do that:

  • Pick up on fitness trending topics and share your thoughts and opinions on it. Use Stories for this.
  • Do a Q&A.
  • Giveaways, discounts and promotions work superbly too.
  • Share causes that promote good, clean and healthy living. 

If you’re worried about trolls, we got you covered with tricks on how to handle haters in this post.

How to Write the Captions?

There are two ways you can go about writing captions for your fitness account:

  • Short and snappy: This allows followers to absorb everything in one glance and continue scrolling.
  • Long and bloggish: These are mini-blog posts that tell a detailed story. If you pick this, then remember to break text with emojis and end with CTA like ‘double tap if you agree.’

The smart method is to mix short captions with long ones and then find out which one resonates the most with your followers.

What Hashtags to Use?

You can’t be a fitness blogger without followers, and you can’t have followers without visibility. What makes you more visible on Instagram? Hashtags. 

Use them strategically, and they make you more searchable. That means not using #wholesomefood for a post that promotes activewear. Here are some # to get you going:










And oh, don’t forget to create your unique hashtag. Ask your followers to use it on their posts too.

To Tag or Not to Tag?


Definitely tag. 

Relevant people, places and brands. 

Tag all of them in your posts. They increase your visibility. When you tag a brand you wear, a gym you work out from or an eatery you frequent thanks to a healthy menu, you raise the chances of them commenting on your post or reposting it on their profile!

Don’t Ignore Stories

Stories on Instagram boost engagement like squats build your quads. Complement your posts with them, and it will keep you on the top of your followers’ minds and profiles.  

Recreate What Works

After some months as a fitness blogger on Instagram, you’ll be able to pinpoint what sort of content works. Double down on those. Nix the content that generates no interest from your followers. And improve those posts that showed average interaction. 

A handful of points to keep in mind at this stage are:

  • Which post has been the most popular?
  • Which account gave you the most followers?
  • Is there a hashtag that your audience love to use?

What About Promotional Posts?

The holy grail of all creators is to earn from their social profiles. If you’ve reached that phase of your fitness blogger journey where collaborations are part and parcel, then keep this rule in mind:

“1 in every 5 posts can be promotional.”

Too many branded posts and you risk losing your tone and authenticity. Stick to the 80/20 guideline (80% your content + 20% brand), and you’re golden.

To All Fitness Bloggers on Instagram, The Last Advice

Enjoy your journey to a fitter physique. Don’t do it just for the ‘Gram. 

When you genuinely believe in adopting a healthier lifestyle, your posts and captions express it. They don’t feel ‘forced,’ which is the point where the fight is lost. Followers will drop you in a hot second.

So, do your thng and the rest will follow!

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