Jet setting from one exotic location to another. That’s the dream. But reality comes knocking hard, especially for travel bloggers who work full-time. 

It boils down to a lack of two things – money and time. You either can’t afford one more trip, or you fall short of holidays. How does a content creator circumvent these two issues? Oh, and yes, how do you juggle a vocation and travel with making content and growing your blog?

You choose a full-on, frontal-assault, no-prisoners-taken approach to blogging travelling.

Ummm, but how? With these ?? hacks.

12 Essential Hacks To Be A Travel Blogger While Working Full-Time

The tips on balancing being a travel blogger with a full-time job are divided into two categories – time-saving and funding the trip. 

Save Up On Time

  • Travel Far & Close

Travel doesn’t necessarily mean a 14-day trip to far-flung locations. Sometimes the best content comes from travelling locally or close-by. 

  • If you’ve got a long weekend coming or even a regular one (and you don’t have to do pending house chores), take a short vacay.
  • If you don’t have the time for even that, do a #staycation
  • Consider destinations that require a smaller travel time. (A non-stop 2-hour flight taken on Friday night means you can be back by Sunday night or early Monday morning).
  • Take Bleisure Trips

Girl, what the what?! 

Bleisure peeps. Business + leisure trips. If you have a job that requires travel, make the most of it by:

  • Creating content focused on business travellers.
  • Extending your trip by one day (think Saturday or Sunday) to add in some leisure time.
  • Manage Your Off Days

You can’t take a vacation every three months and not lose the job (unless your boss like ours). That said, there are hacks you can utilise:

  • Club all your vacation days together.
  • Use vacation days in tandem with national holidays.
  • Use one or two vacations days with long weekends, which are BFF to all travel bloggers who work full-time.

FYI, make sure you don’t let even a single off-day go to waste.

Apart from finding the time to travel, you need to fit in content creation. Here are some tips for it:

  • Fix A Writing Time

Plan a routine where you block a chunk of your time for writing and editing your travel photos. Think of it as your second job, and you’ll be able to get more done.

  • Outsource Tasks

Got a sis who is excellent at proof-reading and editing? Ask her to fine-tune your blog. Know a creator who is a genius with photos? Rope them in to edit yours. 

The goal is to outsource as many jobs as possible so that you have more time to focus on planning and taking a trip.

  • Plan Each Post

Plan in advance what each post will contain. It saves you tons of time when you sit down to write. Besides this, jot down notes while you’re actually travelling. No one wants to waste 15 mins thinking about how much did the ferry ride in Ireland cost.

Finding The Money

  • Create A Travel Budget

As soon as your salary is credited, set a small sum for travelling. FYI, this has to be separate from your emergency fund. 

Write down all the un-essential things you splurge on in a month. Then cut down on any extraneous day-to-day spending like instead of eating out once every week, make it 2 times a month. 

  • Book Tickets In Advance

The highest cost of travelling is tickets. With flights, the trick is to book them in advance. Think 3 months from the day you want to fly, that’s when they are the cheapest.

  • Or Compare

Getting dirt cheap tickets works only if you have your heart set on a particular destination. You can request time off in advance and get tickets for dates when they are the most economical.

What happens for spur of the moment travel plans? For those, use online flight ticket aggregators like Expedia to compare options and then book the most pocket-friendly. If you are serious about penny-pinching then utilise IRCTC. They charge the least fee, when compared to other travel sites, for booking flight tickets. 

  • Look For Cheaper Stays

In the world where Airbnb exists, travel doesn’t have to be wallet-breaking. Do the research and find hostels, BnB or hotels that don’t empty your account. It takes effort, but it is well worth it.

The same goes for site-seeing, conveyance and meals while travelling. Instead of lunching at expensive restaurants every day, binge on street food and basic cafes. You’ll not only get to interact with the locals but also save a boatload. 

  • Travel In Off-Season

Prices rocket the minute tourist season starts, and they plunge sharply when it ends. Be a savvy travel blogger. Take a trip or two during the off-season. You’ll save moolah in abundance.

If that’s not enough, then how about this: you can create a whole new travel niche – travelling in the off-season. We bet quite a few brands will love to collaborate with you!

  • Work Remotely

What? Work while travelling? 

Before you shout our ears off, listen. This is one trick that saves you time and money!

If the trip is long, allocate a whole 24 hours for work. You get paid for it, you save on vacation time, and you can use any downtime to create your travel content. 

Tell us, won’t you be sitting in front of a screen drafting content for your blog anyhow? Then why not make hay while the sun shines.

Travel Blogger With Full-Time Job: Don’t Lose Hope

Balancing even the easiest of jobs with travel blogging is an exercise in patience. There will be times when inspiration for content dries up (we’ve got your back). And times when you are too tired to be motivated to make an itinerary. And times when you want to throw in the towel. 

Our last tip to travel bloggers juggling work and their Thng is not to lose hope. With a few hacks and focus, it is very much possible to be a fantastic creator while having a paying vocation.

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