Early adopters say that they always knew gaming would explode. That may be the case, but for most of the world, it was a light-bulb moment. One day people were nostalgic about how fun it was to play on consoles and PCs and the next they realised you could make a profession out of it. 

Chances are, you know at least one person who is a n00b! If that is the case, we’ve got the names of top gaming influencers they should definitely follow in 2020!

Which International Gaming Influencers To Follow As Per Subscribers?

Ready, player 1?

Gaming Influencer No.1

Handle: PewDiePie

Real Name: Felix Kjellberg

Subscriber: 103M

Where to follow: YouTubeInstagram

PewDiePie needs no introduction. Even those n00b-est of n00bs know of him. He may have become a controversial creator in the past year or so, but he still is unquestionably the number one gaming influencer in the world.   

Gaming Influencer No.2

Handle: Markiplier

Real Name: Mark Fischbach

Subscriber: 25M

Where to follow: YouTubeInstagramTwitterRedditFacebook

Born in Hawaii and living in California, Markiplier deserves your follow because his commentary is uncensored. On top of it, he makes sure that he builds a real connection with his followers. An influencer after our own hearts.

If you are into horror games (think: Five Nights at Freddy’s) or indie games, then Markiplier is the influencer to keep a tab on. The gamer, who FYI is a college dropout turned creator, also does live charity streams.

Gaming Influencer No.3

Handle: Jacksepticeye

Real Name: Sean William McLoughlin

Subscriber: 23.3M

Where to follow: YouTubeInstagramTwitter

In the words of the man himself, “top of the mornin’ to ya laddies!” 

The Irish influencer began his journey back in 2012, but it was with PewDiePie’s shoutout a year later, that he caught the attention of people. Today, the gaming influencer is known for comprehensive video reviews of any game in any genre. 

If you are new to the world of gaming, we say follow the man. His informative commentaries are just what you need. Plus, his sketch comedy videos are always a hoot!

Oh, Jacksepticeye and Markiplier together own Cloak, which is an apparel company creating clothes that fit the lifestyle of gamers.

Which Indian Gaming Influencers To Follow?

The Indian gaming community woke up late. Really late. And it is still evolving. So, here are our two cents to amplify their voice. We think these two gaming YouTubers in India are indeed worth a try!

Gaming Influencer No.4

Handle: CarryMinati

Real Name: Ajey Nagar

Subscriber: 9.91M

Where to follow: YouTubeInstagramTwitterFacebook

More than a gamer, Carry is a comedian and rapper. If you are looking for the first person to bring live streaming while playing in India, it’s him. Another plus is that he plays a plethora of games, so you’re bound to find something that catches your interest.

He published his first video at 10, and by 16 he knew that #creatorlife was meant for him. At 20, he has a set path: “I don’t create content for the brand. I create content for the people.”

Gaming Influencer No.5

Handle: Dynamo Gaming

Real Name: Aaditya Deepak Sawant

Subscriber: 6.34M

Where to follow: YouTubeInstagramFacebookDiscord

Any lovers of PUBG Mobile? Then Dynamo Gaming is your guy. The 23-year-old from Mumbai was one of the 15 gamers invited to Taipei to shoot a YouTube series for the game. He also plays Dota 2, GTA V, and BF1, though they are not live-streamed.

BRB Gotta Follow These Gaming Influencers!

In 2018, the gaming industry created $135 billion. In the coming one year, it is predicted to cross $180 billion. Currently, about 2.5 billion people play games across the world. That’s twice the population of India. 

It’s safe to say gamers are no more geeks living in basements, striking away on their consoles. They are influential people who hold the attention of a massive chunk of the world’s population, which is why we GTG now and hit that subscribe/follow button on all of them. 

It’s a no-brainer. Really.