What’s a flipp’n fantastic idea? Collab’ing with other online creators! Been there? Done that?  Well, here are some more Instagram collaboration ideas for you. 

(Disclaimer: All of them are stolen from Chrissy Teigen, the queen of authentic content.)

How To Grow Your Instagram Page With Collaborations?

Instagram Stories Takeover

The easiest Instagram collaboration idea is Stories takeover. If you’ve not partaken, do so. Immediately.


  • Coordinating content takes a few minutes. (Quick is always good.)
  • The slides on the story can link back to your account. (read: more eyeballs)


Ummm, pretty self-explanatory. Right? Just keep in mind that the Stories content should add value to the audience of the other collaborator. 

Instagram Page Takeover

Want an Instagram collaboration idea that will guarantee a troll-free reaction? Page takeovers never evoke a negative comment.


  • If executed correctly, it infuses your page with a hint of humour. (Entertaining followers is always good.)
  • The collaboration can run for longer than a day. (read: at the max a week)


  • Trade access to the Instagram page with another collaborator. 
  • Post a video or an image on their profile, while they do so on yours.
  • Interact with their followers.

The last step (talking with followers) is crucial for the collaboration to give results. Because you have a voice and tone different from the actual owner of the profile, the page gets a new flavour leaving an impression on the audience.

Collab On A Video

When more than two content creators want to collaborate, a video is the best bet. 


  • Followers love video content. They consume it like chips. (One ain’t enough.)
  • Ideal for 2, 3 or 4 social media influencers who wish to work together. (read: more creators = more engagement)


  • Create one video where all the content creators make a cameo.
  • If you are posting it on IGTV the length doesn’t matter.
  • If you’re publishing it as a video, then make it a short comic skit. 
  • In the caption, tag all the other creators who collaborated. 
  • Every influencer involved should post it on their Instagram profile. 

Don’t go overboard with the number of creators collaborating. That way leads to chaos and the audience sniffing out a ‘hard sell.’

Collab On An Image

Does a video collaboration idea sound effort-intensive? Then stick to photos.


  • It is the most organic way to inducing curiosity in followers. (More people check out your profile!)
  • The collaboration often leads to audience crossover. (read: a whole new world of users opens up)


  • Both collaborators make an appearance in each other’s profile.
  • O, better yet, snap a photo together.
  • In both cases, tag the creator.

A more effective Instagram collaboration trick is to post a creator’s image on your profile without informing them. This will get a genuine reaction from the influencer, and honest content always gets more engagement!

Collaborative photos and videos make the cost of creating content cheaper because you split the expenses. Moreover, by talking about and to other creators in the captions and comments, your engagement rate goes through the roof.

Start A Page With Another Creator

If you’re looking for a unique collab idea for Instagram, then this it. Believe us, few people think of it.


  • The collaborative page will have its own followers. Some brand new. (Meaning you’ll get plenty more audience to your primary page.)
  • No one else has caught on to the trend. (read: it’s a unique collab journey worth taking)


  • Create a new Instagram profile with both creators sharing control.
  • In the bio, link your primary pages.
  • Post content that is a mix of your niches. 
  • For example, a travel and a fashion influencer can publish images or memes of all the cities in the world where Fashion Week takes place.

Steer clear of posting personal stuff on the Instagram page you run together. Else, it may cause issues. Think of the profile as a coworking space – something you share.

Start A Challenge With A Creator

This is one collaboration tip that has been done to death. But it works.


  • Instagram users not only love to participate in challenges but they also encourage their friends to do so. (More users jumping on the tagging bandwagon is excellent.)
  • Challenges tend to go viral. (read: more exposure)


  • Cook up a fun, creative or LOL challenge with another creator.
  • Think of a unique hashtag for the challenge.
  • Publish a post with you performing the challenge. So, does the other Instagram influencer.
  • Tag the collaborator in the post.
  • Clearly explain all the rules and guidelines of the challenge.
  • Ask followers to take part in it.

Without even trying, Chrissy started the #chrissyschalkboardchallenge with this post:


View this post on Instagram

wow they grow up so fast

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on


Initiate A Collaborative Contest

Looking for a quick way to increase follower numbers? Then contests are your ideal Instagram collaboration idea. 


  • People love to win a prize. Even if it is just a shout out on social media. (Better the award, more the engagement.)
  • Contest-entries are fun to watch and reach an audience segment you can’t. (read: your visibility amplifies) 


  • Similar to a challenge, brainstorm a contest with another influencer.
  • Unlike a challenge, set a time limit for participation.
  • Make the rules of the contest clear with a post on both your profiles.
  • Think of a special hashtag that users can tag when sharing their contest-entries.

To Your Drawing Boards, Creators To Execute These Instagram Collaboration Ideas!

To a hammer, everything looks like a nail, right? So, to a creator, every opportunity should look like a collab idea. Thankfully, on the ‘Gram, it literally is, as is evident by the seven ideas above. 

So, get crackin’ influencers!

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