Veteran fashion bloggers make it look effortless. It seems one brand after another is dying to work with them. Their Instagrid is that drool-worthy! For new fashion bloggers, the norm is slightly different. Chances are you are absolutely lost on how to approach brands for collaboration. 

Ways to approach brands for collaboration for aspiring fashion bloggers

Where to contact a brand for collaboration or promotion? How to pitch the brand? And how much to charge for your content? Approaching brands for collaboration is tricky, particularly for new bloggers, but it can be done and we tell you how.

Before we begin, there is one caveat: establish a following before you try to work with any brand. Your following need not number in tens of thousands, it could be a just 2K+, but it has to be engaged. In other words, you need to be influential within your audience.

If you are still working on building your influence, here are some fashion niches that you can pick. If you already have an active following, read on. 

1. Make a list of companies…

… that fit your niche.

All sponsored posts and #ads should fit seamlessly in your blog. If they stand out as blatant adverts, your followers will scroll right past it. So, the first step to approaching brands for collaboration is to create a list of brands that sell services or products that are relevant to your audience. 

This list should also include any brand that you adore. When you genuinely believe in a brand, it shows in your content which makes for the most organic and effective marketing!

2. Start creating content…

… on these brands.

Your next step as a new fashion blogger is to start creating quality content on the products of the shortlisted brands. Yes, before you even pitch for a collaboration. 

Wear a dress, accessorise an outfit, show off shoes, do what it takes to prove to the brand that you already believe in them and are worth investing. An added advantage of this step is that the brand gets a fair idea on how you create content. 

3. Reach out to the brands…

… in creative ways.

This step to approaching brands is the trickiest because brands are pitched dozens of times in a day through all their channels. You have to stand out of the crowd of fashion bloggers to make an impact and score a collaboration.

Besides, writing a pitch email is not easy. How do you say to a brand “Hey, I am a great fashion blogger who creates bomb content, pay me to promote your stuff” without sounding too full of it?

We’ve spoken about creative ways to get in touch with brands, but here are the two most effective ones:

  • If you have a close blogger community, ask those creators for the direct contact of the PR person at the brand you love and then send an email to it. This works only if you have strong blogging friendships. If not, then skip the step.
  • Tango with the brand through your socials. Start following them. Mention them on your Twitter. Share their posts on Facebook. Tag them in your Instagram post when relevant. Comment on the brand’s posts. Once you are on their radar, move to the next step – pitching.

4. Write a pitch email…

… keep it short

Short. To the point. Descriptive. Those are the 3 things your email should have when you approach a brand for collaboration.

Get across the fact that you are an exceptional fit for the brand, but don’t toot your horn too much. Instead of including tons of engagement numbers and links, keep it brief. It will pique the brand’s interest and get them to respond. 

Don’t know how to write a pitch email to a brand; read this blog!

Approaching brands for collaboration is not daunting with DYT

For a rookie fashion blogger, even the thought of knocking on the proverbial doors of a brand can give hives. Some find it unnerving, and others think it is rude. It doesn’t have to be. If you are polite and approach brands the right way, it can open up a lot of opportunities.

Keep in mind that when you don’t make the first move, nothing happens. So, go ahead pitch.

Give the brand a week to respond. If you don’t get a reply, send a follow-up email. If you do get an answer, post a longer email that talks about what collaboration you had in mind and why they should partner with you.

For all fashion bloggers, who are just a tad too green, we leave you with a bit of final advice. Join a creator community like Do Your Thng.

All the steps we mentioned on how to approach a brand for collaboration? They get reduced to 1.

How? DYT already has brands looking for creators for paid collaborations. You just have to search for the one that fits you.

So, if you haven’t downloaded DYT yet, get to it!

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