We’re sure that when 2020 began, experts everywhere furiously started theorizing about trends to come. That’s what pundits do. They predict. 

We’re also sure that all food blogging trends that they forecasted went hell in a basket. The novel coronavirus brought a paradigm shift not just in the way we live, but also how we create and consume content. 

One major unpredictable change was for food bloggers. You can hardly ‘Gram the newest eateries and their uber-healthy recipes when the entire world is on lockdown. Can you, now?

So, that’s what we talk about today – what food blogging trends should a creator follow during the pandemic.

The Growing Food Blogging Trends In 2020 Due to Coronavirus

There are two positives that came out of self-quarantine. The first is obvious – it broke the chain of the spreading virus. The second was unexpected – it made everyone a food blogger.

Every person stuck at home and with free time at hand (this is an essential ingredient) started cooking. And once you start cooking, you’ve gotta post it on social media. 

Because pictures, otherwise it didn’t happen, right?

Well, personally, we love all the food bloggers at home. Cooking is not just a critical life skill; it is also a great way to expand your creativity. Plus, it takes away the constant anxiety of the current troubling times. 

If you’ve been thinking of food blogging, now is the right time.  Need tips on food blog writing? Swing by to this post.

                                                                               (source: Instagram)

Using the ingredients at hand

So, where does a stay-at-home food blogger begin? With the ingredients (and tools) that you have at hand, which bring us to the second food blogging trend that has catapulted into popularity.

When only essential items are being delivered, you can’t just Amazon pure vanilla extract. You learn to make do with what you have in the pantry. And that’s what we see in surfeit right now. 

Making creative yet straightforward meals out of your current ingredients. For instance, when there’s no baking soda, you use yogurt. When you’re out of eggs for a cake, you use buttermilk! And when you don’t have an oven, you use the stovetop.

Why do you think the #daglonacoffeechallenge happened? Because people couldn’t incessantly blog about the most beautifully poured latte, so they whipped up one at home!

Baking and breaking bread

If dalgona coffee is one food blogging trend that’s omnipresent, then the next is bread. Everyone and their moms are baking bread at home. From banana loaves to simple breads that you can enjoy with pasta, they are everywhere because there is no better comfort than all things yeasty.

And veteran food bloggers tell us that the recipe isn’t really that hard. So, go forth and bake!

                                                                          (source: Instagram)

Focus on images

Good food engages all the senses, but when you’re blogging about it, that’s not possible. So, the next food blogging trend that a creator should follow is exceptional HD-quality images. 

It’s the slow dancing melody of drool-worthy visuals that catches the attention of your audience. It’s an age-old practice still going strong. The right photo can spark visual hunger in a reader and get you that ever-elusive follow!

Unsure how to click delectable food photos? Hop over to this short post.

Make some videos

The last food blogging trend for this year is one that the experts predicted correctly. Even the chaos of COVID-19 couldn’t shake it. Cooking videos are the next ‘it’ thing. 

From BTS to baking, from decorating to packing, from cooking to serving, make food videos of the entire process. The trend is gaining traction with viewers because it gives an in-depth understanding of the nuances that come hand in hand with cooking.

For example, how do you define the right golden hue of sautéed onions in words? An easier method is to demonstrate it through a video.




Toothsome Takeaway on Food Blogging Trends

Now, more than ever, food bloggers have become essential because the time when all of us can flock to restaurants is long in coming.

Therefore, to all new and old food content creators, we say, keep up the food blogging trends to our tickle taste buds.

We leave you with one advice – as a creator, you are already in tune with what your audience needs. Bank on it and you will be raking in more followers in no time.

Remember, you will always find an audience as long as there is love for food!

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