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Formal Gossip Episode 1: What’s behind a blogger’s pretty picture?

To quote Kriti, it is tons of videography, production, editing, photography, and with it comes a lot of challenges. Formal Gossip is our way of helping you through it.   When the lockdown began, Do Your Thng had to pivot. What we had planned for the coming time went on pause, and we started focusing […]


  May 29, 2020

6 Indian meme pages on Instagram to follow RN!

It’s mid-2020 already!    The world came together to fight the devastating Australian wildfires. COVID-19 stopped the world — but not heroic healthcare workers. Tiger King unleashed a slew of incredible memes. J. Lo and Shakira crushed the Super Bowl halftime show.    Anything and everything is happening in this world.  But one thing which […]


  May 27, 2020

11 Brilliant Handmade Gifting Creators On Instagram

Someone said, “Something hand-made is much more meaningful”, and we agree with the statement.  We often neglect the efforts of people who craft useful and meaningful items. Their art not only symbolizes the hard work but also represents the personal touch and passion with which they work. These creators curate their art with devotion and […]

  May 23, 2020

Brand Collaborations Are The Way to Go

Gone are the days when brands used to tap the ‘celebrities’ for their promotion. As social media has emerged and developed over the years, the power of promotion has also shifted from the Bollywood/Television celebrities to ‘ Social Media Influencers’.  With over half of the world’s population using the internet and social media, the digital […]


  May 22, 2020

More Reach Or More Followers? The Never-Ending Battle

With a growth spurt in social media activities and the huge number of social media accounts, various metrics are used to prioritize, classify, or differentiate these profiles from the others. These metrics are used by many creators, brands as well as social media marketing organizations to assess the quality of social media profiles.  Some of […]


  May 15, 2020

My Lockdown Diaries Ft. Karan Mehra

Karan Mehra is a name all Indian households reckon with. We got a hold of him a few days ago and asked him questions pertaining to the current times. To our pleasure, he was extremely delightful, candid, and sharp. Read on to know more –         Cover picture source: – Karan Mehra’s […]


  May 14, 2020

Paid Media Marketing In 2020: Is It Really Important for A Brand?

The answer is yes, yes, yes! Two and a half hours (almost). That’s how long the average person spends on social media. And let’s not even think about the jump in screen time since the COVID-19 pandemic.   For a business, those 2.5 hours (144 minutes to be precise) are imperative because that’s the window […]

  May 13, 2020

5 Digital Marketing Courses To Enroll For Right Away!

“It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.” – Jeff Bezos Just as the founder of Amazon Inc quoted, it’s hard not to make any sales online, especially when you are backed up by knowledge and skills of Digital Marketing.    Technology is evolving every day and so is digital marketing with it. Traditional […]


  May 11, 2020

Top 5 Mommy Creators On Instagram

Following your passion, juggling your career, home, and a kid or two can be extremely overwhelming and that’s only normal. There are a lot of amazing mothers in our country who are rocking this and setting new trends and goals. This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate these women. Here’s my personal favourite mix of funny, creative, […]


  May 10, 2020

What Problems Do Creators Face When Creating Content?

For a seemingly simple question, the answer is awfully long and complicated. Creating content is hard. What you see on social media is far from reality. It takes work, love, and care. Given that every other person has become a creator in COVID-19 times, people are finally waking up to challenges of content creation and […]


  May 6, 2020