If you have never explored the wonderful world of influencer marketing, get yourself ready for your new go-to distraction. Because Do Your Thng is here with the first online video call series for creators by creators “Formal Gossip”.

It’s a perfect way to pass the time whether you’re walking, cleaning, cooking, staring into nothingness- basically any time is the best time. Lucky for us in these trying times, these video call sessions can pretty much be viewed from anywhere.

Want to know how top influencers are earning or what was their journey like?

Can’t afford to make mistakes, but you can learn from the best’s failures. We got you covered! Walk with us in their journey of challenges, failures, happy times, fun experiences – the inside world of a successful creator’s life.

As a matter of fact, Ankit Agarwal, the founder of Do Your Thng, loves talking to people. That is, in short, the premise for Formal Gossip. He would be the host and that in itself is a sure shot certainty for a fun-filled experience.

The guest would be creators who are at the helm of their respective fields. In each episode, we’d attempt to gain at least a nugget of information in 30-40 minutes about how to sail through these difficult times as a creator.

And of course, it’s an invite-only session.

Ping us on howdy@dyt.onl to book your slot! 

Hasta la vista! 

Update: We distilled the insights, learnings and tips shared by influencers during Formal Gossip for you. Read them here.

Or you can watch them on YouTube.