“It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.”Jeff Bezos

Just as the founder of Amazon Inc quoted, it’s hard not to make any sales online, especially when you are backed up by knowledge and skills of Digital Marketing. 


Technology is evolving every day and so is digital marketing with it. Traditional marketing is almost forgotten since everything revolves around social media and the internet in general. Almost everyone is an Internet user nowadays.

With more than a billion people using google search everyday, it is essential to incorporate digital marketing tactics to make one’s business thrive. 


Here, we list out some great online courses that may come in handy in polishing your skills while at home during lockdown. 


  • Google

Google offers free digital marketing training, teaching the basics and fundamentals. Loaded with 26 modules and online certification, it is a great platform to gain some knowledge and practice on the subject. 

Enroll here.


  • Udemy

Get practical experience and knowledge of the basics of Digital Marketing via this e-learning platform. Now you can start learning from scratch as Udemy is offering free 21-video tutorials, full of insights and basic knowledge. 

Enroll here.


  • Edureka

Get access to a strategic understanding of Digital Marketing. Learn how Digital Marketing impacts the Brand & Sales, best practices in Digital Marketing, tools & techniques. This course will also cover planning, Budgeting, Reporting, and Tracking mechanisms for Digital Marketing.

Enroll here.


  • Eduonix

Is your business struggling to reach those google search results? 

No problem! 

Edureka offers a comprehensive course covering Keyword Planning, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and much more in just a single video. 

 Enroll here.


  • Digital Vidya

Want to start learning from scratch? This is just the course for you. It offers a  wholesome and well-rounded theoretical as well as practical knowledge from SEO to Email Marketing.


Enroll now for a master course in Digital marketing.  

With the rise in e-commerce and online presence of traditional businesses, Digital Marketing & related courses have become must-haves. These courses will help to develop expertise in this subject, whilst building a strong foothold for you in your organization. Pick any of the above courses and build an influential digital footprint for yourself.


Also, now you can earn while you learn.


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