Someone said, “Something hand-made is much more meaningful”, and we agree with the statement. 

We often neglect the efforts of people who craft useful and meaningful items. Their art not only symbolizes the hard work but also represents the personal touch and passion with which they work. These creators curate their art with devotion and dedication. 


To make you aware of some amazing handmade gifting stuff and ideas, we have prepared a list of 11 handmade gifting creators on Instagram. In this list, you will find all sorts of creators, from bakers to home-decor creators to paper-mache artists. 




For all the new parents, check out this page to get some cute and amazing woolen accessories and clothes for your little one. 

Their stuff is so cute, you will definitely be awww-ed!



  • Surumi Salam


Wondering what to gift your best friend on her birthday? Check out this Instagram page, it is your one-stop-shop destination for all your gifting needs. From hand-made birthday cards to paper bottles, they have it all. 



  • Small Idea


Remember how we used to play with clay when we were young. Well, now you can decorate your home with little polymer clay items. From little clay miniatures of pizza to random things like a pen-drive, this page by Shirali Patel has got it all. 




If you have a fetish for wooden decor, then this page is a must-follow for you. It has never been easier to decorate your home with aesthetic wooden accessories and sign-boards.  




This page is just as it’s bio reads- “With paper, a pinch of imagination, and oodles of creativity, I create magic & memories.” 

We were just as mesmerized, viewing all those birthday cards and paper-crafts, which would be a perfect gift for all your loved ones. 


Whoever said, “Desserts cannot be treated as gifts”, truly said it wrong. 

This page, run by a home-baker Manika, is a must-go-to for all those people longing to give a treat to their taste buds. So, for your next anniversary, consider getting those delicious muffins, cakes, and tarts for your partner.


  • Manvi | Quilling Artist


Is it just us, or are you too fascinated by all those things which can be created from a single sheet of paper? Meet Manvi, a quilling artist, who can create absolutely anything from nothing, just by her skills of paper-mache. 



  • ??? ????????


“I don’t like flowers”, said no one ever!

Everyone loves flowers, and when it comes to gifting, a bunch of flowers can never go wrong. Check this page out by Uma, who is a flower artist. 

Not able to decide what to get for your sister’s birthday? You know where to go! . 



  • CraftsyBee Handmade Crafts


The trend of handmade jewelry isn’t new but has been going on for ages. Traditional women in the 1900’s, used to curate beautiful handmade jewelry with such precision. It feels good to know that some trends have been passed down to this generation as well. 

Check out some cool handmade jewelry, perfect for you and all the females in your life. 




Many people out there cannot get enough of beautiful paintings and handmade scrapbooks. If you are that person, then this page is a must-follow for you. 

For all the non-painters, you will definitely be reminded of your childhood when you go through this page, all those memories of drawings and paints. 



  • Haifa Rafi


Haifa Rafi, a doodler and an artist, curates the most amazing accessories for your home. Filling up the walls of your home with some calligraphy and texts will never go out of fashion. Also, check out this page for gifting pretty handmade baskets, filled with lots of chocolates and love!


We all know how to quickly visit the mall and buy that dress or bag for the people in our lives. But, gifting something hand-made makes your gift more meaningful and loved.

Rather than shopping from brands, we should support small local businesses.

So, next time you think about a gift, take some time to check out these amazing  Instagram pages, to give you an idea of what to give to your loved one.