It’s mid-2022 already! 

The world came together to fight the devastating Australian wildfires. COVID-19 stopped the world — but not heroic healthcare workers. Tiger King unleashed a slew of incredible memes. J. Lo and Shakira crushed the Super Bowl halftime show. 

Anything and everything is happening in this world.  But one thing which is so far constant in our lives is our love for memes. Seems like sharing, tagging, and taking screenshots of memes will never become old school.

The top Indian meme pages on Instagram according to us

Nowadays sharing memes is considered the focal point of building relationships. They show people the reality and ask them to laugh at it and relax because it’s not the end of the world. So, with that in mind, here are the best Indian meme pages on Instagram to follow. After the pile of files your boss has thrown at you, they’re defos gonna make you happy.

Let’s laugh at our misery together! 


If you are not following this page, you are missing out on a lot of content for sure. One of the best original meme content pages in the context of the Indian cultural, political, and economic system, is BeingInd. With 441k followers and growing, it sure is one of the most loved Indian meme pages.


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With a whopping 498k followers, TheIndianIdiot introduces you to a world filled with reality that hits you hard, but it’s a shared feeling that urges you to send it to your groups and laugh together.


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With sarcastic and extremely relatable content, Sagarcasm also posts the most relatable memes on the internet. This page shouts- “you are not the only one”.


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If being Indian had a feeling, it would be this page. Thedesistuff collects the most ‘desi’ memes on the internet and serves it to you on a single platform. Unleash the desiness within you and go follow this page.


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Ad Parody

 Ad Parody, a page that thrives on marrying business and pop culture, information and humour, copy and design. This is a page that first makes you laugh and then makes you think. 


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With a bounty of memes to look at and have a good laugh over, one meme stood out- it had no written words, it was a mashup! That idea gave birth to this meme page. For Dipraj, life is a mashup.



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So, go follow these amazing Indian meme pages on Instagram. And  if we have missed one, tell us in the comments section!