This year has been quite eventful until now. From new political agendas, uprising of social issues and natural calamities, 2020 has it all. With so many updates and discoveries, social media creators are eager to express their opinions and stances, especially with respect to political issues arising around the globe. 

Every day, we are enlightened with some hot piece of news to deal with and discuss.

Well, there is nothing wrong with that. Social media platforms exist not only to showcase fashion/meme/travel-related content but also so that people can freely voice their opinions considering political agendas. 

Should You Do It? 

Of course, you definitely should! 

All social media creators are influencers, which means they impose an ‘impact’ on their audience. 

For example- If you post a new story addressing your concerns over the civil war in the USA or the war conspiracies of China, your viewers might not share your opinion but will definitely be inclined to take it under consideration. Chances are they might take some inspiration from you too and share their thoughts on the issue. 

Social media platforms can be very powerful to influence your audience. You should definitely use these tools at your disposal and make the most out of them to spread awareness regarding some grave events happening around the world. 

Here are some useful tips on how to create content and express your opinions with regards to political matters. 

  • Do Your Research– Before you start creating content about any political agenda, make sure you do your research beforehand and are up to date with all the recent happenings. This is to ensure that your content is based on accurate facts and figures. 
  • Be Open To Change– With regards to political issues, there are new developments coming to light every second. If you feel yourself diverting towards another point of view, do not refrain from changing your opinion. Everyone has their own opinion and they are allowed to change it. 
  • Don’t Be Harsh– Sharing your opinions is a good thing, but not when your content is hurting the sentiments or is offensive to a certain group or people. 

Using abusive language or making fun of a certain person on the basis of his/her colour, religion, etc and calling it a ‘roast’ is totally out of question. 

  • Accept Criticism– If you are a social media creator, chances are you might have been bombarded with many negative comments and feedback on your content. Remember, different people have different opinions. You have a right to express and shouldn’t beat yourself up by such reactions. 

And most importantly-

  • Embrace and Acknowledge– Different people have and share different opinions on social media. Always welcome and embrace every viewpoint and not bash others for not sharing your thoughts on a particular agenda. 

We all know how effective platforms like Instagram and YouTube can be when you want your opinion to be heard by people. Always use these platforms for the ‘right reason’.  

Social media can be very chaotic and loud, as many people out there are expressing their own beliefs. As a content creator, raising your voice and spreading awareness about a certain issue will always be challenging, but would definitely create an ‘impact’ on the people. 

At the end of the day, you would know you are using your status as a ‘content creator’ for the ‘right reasons’.