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Our engineers are constantly tweaking the user interface and user experience of the DYT app, so as to make everything easy for our users.

One of those settings or tasks is to connect the social media accounts to the DYT app.

In the past, the users had to connect Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc everything separately. We know very well how tough it is to manage all of your different accounts, and it can definitely get stressful trying to juggle all of them at the same time.

You all might be thinking if only there was a way to signup or login to DYT account without connecting all the social media accounts, making your life less stressful and a little bit easier; believe it or not, it’s your lucky day, because the unthinkable is possible! 

That being said, if your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook account, it could change everything. As now you can login via email, phone number, usernames or Facebook.


Fill all your personal details, including interests. This will help you get the campaigns based on your interests & field of expertise.



You can always change your password, profile picture or username whenever you want.

No need to connect your Instagram separately. Instagram accounts will be fetched from the Facebook account you are using, so make sure your Facebook & Instagram accounts are linked.

Also, don’t forget to change your Instagram account to business or creator profile. This will help you get paid campaigns!

Now don’t wait & start creating! And if you have any questions, submit your questions at


Frequently asked questions:

  1. User with basic Instagram account
    1. The user won’t be able to link their Instagram account and won’t be able to participate in paid campaigns, please convert to business or creators account
  2. Users with already connect FB accounts
    1. Users will have to delink their FB account and re-link their account
    2. Go to accounts > go to settings on the top right > Where there is FB click on the name and select disconnect in the popup.
    3. Click on FB again it will ask which FB account you want to connect select the one which is linked to your Instagram account
    4. Give necessary permissions
    5. Select Instagram account which needs to be connected if there are multiple accounts
    6. Select the FB page to be linked which is again connected to your Instagram account
    7. Your FB and Instagram account should be connected now.
    8. Walkthrough in this video.
  3. If you have mistakenly connected wrong Facebook or Instagram account to DYT app
    1. Login to your FB account
    2. Open settings section
    3. Search for business integrations
    4. Select DYT app
    5. Select remove
    6. Go to DYT app again and flow FAQ 2

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