How do you get popular on Instagram fast? Or, at the bare minimum, be better.

Instagram is every-effing-where. If you are not alone, look around. You’ll see at least one person scrolling, double-tapping or posting on the app. Yet with billions of people using it, we are no closer to fully demystifying how influencers become Insta-famous. 

That said, there are some real strategies you can apply to gain more following, i.e., be more popular on Instagram. 

How to be popular on Instagram? Here’s what you do.

There are two paths to be more famous on the ‘Gram.

You build upon your existing followers. You attract new followers.

We give you 3 tips that help you with the first, 1 trick that aids in the second and 1 advice on what not to do. 

1. Engage with those who comment on your posts

The bread and butter of a creator are the followers.

The secret sauce to becoming popular on Instagram is not gaining more audience (tho, that does help), it keeping the ones you already have. 

How do you retain followers? By keeping them engaged. And the best way to engage is by replying to those who comment on your posts. 

Comments spark genuine conversations, which builds a connection between you and the follower and makes it less likely that they will unfollow you in the future. Rather, they are more likely to share your content with other users. 

Be like Kusha Kapila:

tips on how to be popular on Instagram

 how to be popular on Instagram


2. Create a relationship with other Instagrammers

Networking is an age-old trick to increasing popularity. How do you build connections in the virtual era? By collaborating with other creators

Look for influencers in a niche similar to yours or one that complements it. Reach out to them and then generate content together. 

This increases your popularity on Instagram by catching the attention of the followers of the other influencer. If you don’t know how to find the right #influencer, use a creator community (much like DYT) and ask for a collaboration.

3. Capitalise on a trending topic

Some creators say that regularly posting #UGC, that’s user-generated content folks, and tagging brands helps you get popular on Instagram as an influencer. Other influencers say that it is sharing a true story or funny anecdote in the caption that works. 

But what indeed takes your follower from nil to 1000 is jumping on a trend. Entertainment is why people love social media and if you can provide it to them, they’ll love you too. 

Find a challenge, contest or trend that matches your interest and then participate in it. It will help keep your profile fresh and inject a sense of fun to it.

Be like Jalaiah (the teen creator of #renegadechallenge):

4. Brainstorm a kickass grid

When you’re shopping, an attractive window display never fails to catch the eye. Amirite or amirite? That’s what you’ve gotta do to get more followers on Instagram.

Create a grid of quality images that users not only want to see but find attractive. At times, this would mean sharing a video or picture that is consistent with your Instagram aesthetics but not what you prefer to post. 

Be like Rashi Chowdhary:Ways to increase Instagram followers

5. Don’t buy followers. Ever.

As important as it is to know the tricks to becoming Instagram famous, equally vital is to remember what not to do. 

Never, ever, ever, ever buy followers.

You will gain a short time spike in your numbers, but in the long run, you’ll lose more than those fake followers.

Additionally, don’t ‘gram something that is not in keeping with your style, voice, ethics and expertise. Stayin’ true to your online persona is critical to being Instagram famous.

When all is said and done… on being popular on Instagram

Instagram made it simple to earn out of a hobby or passion. As long as you are an expert in a topic, you have the potential to gain followers and make money. 

Nevertheless, no one becomes an Instagram famous overnight. It takes time and effort. And remember being popular on Instagram is not solely a follower number game. It is about engagement too. 

Both brands and users would rather work or follow a creator who regularly interacts with their audience over a creator who has a passive following.

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