When the world (as we know it) has gone for a toss, it’s hard for even the most optimistic ones amongst us to stay positive. Truth be told, staying positive in such hard times takes every ounce of energy within us.


Everything has changed. Work is different, life is different. Any and all social life has come to a halt. “Social Distancing” is suddenly a word that we know and hear daily. Fear and uncertainty are rampant. Yet staying positive is the core ingredient in the recipe of successfully coping up with this (or any) crisis.


Now, more than ever is the time for us to be proactive about creating small moments of happiness in our daily life. Here are a few ways to implement the spirit of positivity in our daily life: 


  1. Savour small moments– Even in lockdown, there are many small moments to savour. The beautiful sunrise and sunset, spending time with our families, the smell & taste of the home-cooked food, and so on. Rather than rushing into autopilot mode, savour these little moments. This will help elevate your mood and help you stay calm.
  2. Make use of the time you have- Now you have all the time in your hands. In fact, each day is a question of how to pass the time effectively and not keep lying on the couch 24*7. Now is the time to work on those things which you have neglected in the past. Learn a new skill or pick up an old hobby but most importantly work on YOURSELF.
  3. Laugh out Loud– Remember what Dumbledore once said, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.” So if you are stressed about work or exams or this pandemic in general, watch funny videos or shows and keep your spirit high. Allow happiness to seep through in these dark times, one video at a time!
  4. Look after the people around you–  You might be very lucky if you have a great immune system but not everyone does. There are people around you whose immune systems are compromised. Keep checking on them, help them get groceries or other utilities. Not only will this make them feel good, but even you will feel amazing!
  5. Do Your Part– Lastly, if you’re reading this and looking for hope, remember that you are doing your part. You, along with the rest of society, have been asked to come together under extraordinary circumstances to do something out of the ordinary.


If you’re feeling powerless and hopeless, remember how you can do your part – wash your hands, resist the urge to hoard unnecessarily, stay home unless absolutely necessary, and encourage others to do the same. 


Be the hero the world needs and deserves!