If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us one thing, then it is the value of life. On a lighter note, it taught us that many of our doctor visits could be done digitally. That’s why DYT jumped on the chance to conduct a campaign with MFine, an AI-powered doctor consultation app.

The HarGharMeinDoctor Campaign: DYT X MFine

Given the current scenario, where stepping out of the house increases your exposure exponentially, MFine wanted to spread awareness that online consultation is the best solution. 

What Was the Campaign About?

The objective of the month-long #HarGharMeinDoctor campaign was to make more people aware of the fact that MFine offers diagnostics and health check-up services from the comfort of home. For it, they wanted creators working in the parenting, fitness, and yoga niche. 

Where Did DYT Fit in The Picture?

We split the #HarGharMeinDoctor campaign into two parts. One focused on creators with 1K to 10K followers and minimum 3% engagement rate. The other included creators with 4K to 20K followers. 

Why the split? Because each catered to a distinct type of format as the brand wanted variation in the content. For creators with smaller follower range, the campaign required 3 Instagram Stories. For creators with a more substantial following, the content needed was video testimonials.

The Story Format 

The creator had the option to post the 3 Stories either all on the same day or stagger them on three different days. 

For same day Stories:

The first Story spoke about a health problem faced by the creator and how they decided to use MFine. The second Story briefly revealed how a doctor on the app helped resolve the issue. And the final Story, which had the MFine filter, thanked the app for its timely (and safe) aid. 

For staggered Stories:

On day 1, the creator’s Story, using the MFine filter, spoke about it being the perfect platform to consult for health issues during the lockdown as it didn’t require stepping out of the home. 

On day 2, the creator’s Story was an image of a family member (think parents, kids, siblings, grandparents) with the caption explaining a health issue the member faced.

On day 3, the creator’s Story recommended the MFine app by highlighting how it helped them. 

The Video Format

Creators selected for this format posted a short Instagram video featuring another person. Less than a minute long, the video paid attention to health issues that come with age. 

Irrespective of what content format a creator used, all frames had to be tagged with MFine’s handle along with #IndiaKhayalRakhna, #HarGharMeinDoctor, and #MFine.

What Stood Out with the Campaign?

MFine was perfectly clear on what type of creators they wanted to use. They preferred genuine creators who had an authentic community following and real engagement. 

For the video testimonials, they stayed away from curated, polished aesthetics and went for creators whose content felt natural, relatable and not like an #ad.

For DYT, it was this fact that stood out because the power authentic creators have cannot be delivered by anyone else, and MFine inherently grasped this. 

What Hurdles Did DYT Face?

Not a hurdle per se, but a bump in the road was finding creators in the correct niche, the right follower range, and with an engaged community. Surprisingly the overlap between the three was tiny, which meant we had to sift through a lot of creators and handpick each one. 

Our Learning From #HarGharMeinDoctor Campaign

Overall, the campaign went smoothly. But we did have one unexpected learning – most creators were not too enthusiastic about including their grandparents or even parents in the same frame. It took some convincing on our part, but, in the end, we prevailed.