None of us could have prepared for COVID-19 in a million years. But now that it is here, we have to adapt to it. For content creators, this is even more crucial because of the massive bump in viewership. 

People all over are turning to social platforms and their favourite creators for more information, entertainment, and guidance on how to navigate through these Voldemort-ian times.

So, here’s a leg up for creators – easy to execute lockdown content ideas.

Easily Executable Content Ideas for The Lockdown and Re-Opening

Be a force for good

The coronavirus havocked daily lives. As a creator, you can be a force of good that helps those wrecked by the terrifying illness. 

For instance, if your niche is food, you can share content on places providing meals for the elderly stuck at home without help or migrants with no source of income. You can even amplify the need for donations to the local food bank.

If you are a lifestyle or fashion creator, why not teach people how to sew face masks at home with a bit of jazz.

There are ample chances to do good right now, irrespective of your niche. So, roll up your sleeves and get those creative juices flowing and create content that gives back.

Branch into home fitness & health

The fitness and health niche exploded in the past few months because it not only paves the path for stronger immunity but also helps relieve stress and kill time.

Since gyms are not an option, this is the ideal time to create content on home workouts. From how-to videos on bodyweight exercises or yoga to ways to create a gym at home, any fitness content will work wonders.

Another lockdown content idea is healthy diets and meals to strengthen immunity. People are looking for ways to protect themselves from COVID-19. If you are a nutritionist or medical expert in the area, get to making content on it.

Give work from home tips

This content idea for lockdown is obvious. Everyone has been suddenly forced to work from home, and most of them are clueless about how to do it right!

Being a creator, you have tons of WFH experience, share it with your followers. Remember to start with the basics because most people are working remotely for the first time. 

If you’re into home décor, why not build content on how to make a comfortable home office or how to find a work nook when you have limited space?

If you’re a makeup artist, easy tutorials on a natural look for Zoom calls are a great option. Fashion creators can talk about choosing comfortable yet formal clothing for work-related video calls.

Dive into hobbies

With lockdown in place, some people had more time at hand, so they turned to old and new hobbies to pass the time. For creators, it represents the perfect moment to make content around hobbies.

An example is baking and cooking. If your expertise lies in this niche, use it to create cooking tutorials. Video gaming is another hobby that rocketed during this time, so gamers should dive into gaming videos.

We know that many brands put campaigns on pause, so here’s a way you can earn right now. Let’s say you know how to play the piano, make an online course on it. Offer the first part of it for free and then charge for the rest.

Teach how to be #atmanirbhar

Jokes apart, self-reliance is the need of the hour. When you can’t go to the salon or call a plumber due to the fear of exposure to the coronavirus, you have to learn to do things on your own.

Creators leverage this need. Teach your followers how to cut hair with basic tools available at home. Or talk about how you can groom a pet or make pet food at homeHouse cleaning is another segment that has seen Google search jumps. Get to producing funny content around the topic. 

Focus on entertaining or teaching kids

Creators who are also parents already know what a hard time it was to keep your kid entertained within four walls. And let’s not even get started on learning.

The lockdown content idea for you is to create educational and entertaining content for children. With moms and dads juggling office work with house chores, they don’t have any time left to keep their child active and productively engaged. 

Use your content to do so with at-home activities for children, managing childcare, best educational videos and sites for kids, etc.

Talk about budgeting

Pay cuts or outright layoffs have become common right now, which is why people are looking for ways to save money or invest wisely. Any creator with insight on finance should explore this niche and start generating content around it.

Talk about maintaining relationships

Stress, tension, and anxiety are at an all-time high, and it isn’t doing any good for relationships. There are several subtopics lifestyle creators can use to produce content such as:

  • Tips for maintaining a relationship
  • Reconnecting with family or friends
  • At home date ideas

Ideas for travel creators

COVID- 19 hit the travel sector the hardest, and creators in the niche will feel the repercussions for a long while. Therefore, we give them a special mention. 

Travel creators, don’t despair. Even though you can visit exotic locations, there are a number of ways to keep your audience engaged with lockdown content ideas:

  • Stuck at home but still grappling with wanderlust? Virtual tours and travel are an excellent way to explore the world from your couch.
  • Now is the best time to create a travel bucket list and make a detailed plan to fulfil it.
  • Some travel has opened up, so share tips on how to deal with travel restrictions and stay safe.
  • More people are looking for information on travel insurance than ever before. Talk about it in your content.
  • Create “what I’m doing now that I’m not travelling” videos that show the informal side of your life – hobbies, talents, home, etc.

Build content for the unlocking stage

The pandemic has changed our “normal.” We cannot go to a restaurant or shopping mall or office in the manner we used to. For creators, this opens a new window for content.

Start creating content that will help people adjust to the new normal. 

For instance, talk about how to take precautions if they have to go to the market. 

If you are a creator who has a full-time job and your office has re-opened, share your experience of the first day.

Use your voice to prepare people better and urge them to strictly follow guidelines that help curb the spread of the virus.

Stay Healthy, Stay Positive: The Crux of All Lockdown Content Ideas

There are endless paths a creator can take to tie-in COVID-19 into their existing niche. All it takes is a bit of creativity and thinking beyond the usual. 

But no matter how you engage your audience, be it through comedy content or content on how to give to charities, the foundation has to remain the same – stay healthy, and stay positive!