This month, I sat down with Rashi Kalra, a.k.a
Outdoorsy. She wears a lot of hats – yogini, travel blogger, visualizer, filmmaker, and photographer are just some of them. 

For me, she is a long-time friend and one of the travel creators I look up to. So, it was inevitable that I keep an AMA with her. Here are some tidbits from the session that every creator must know.


Advertising is a demanding job. Amidst the hectic hustle, where did the draw for travel come from?

Rashi credits everything she is now to the field of advertising. 

The hectic schedules that drain you out and make you feel that there is absolutely no time for yourself led to her travelling.

In her words:

Travel takes the edge off, and yoga helps with frustrations.

Your adventures are very different. Instead of beach photos, you have stories of fishing with locals in Goa. How does that happen?

Because Rashi has been travelling since she was a kid, she’s done and dusted it all. So, when the journey of solo travel began, she wanted to explore beyond the usual and venture into the offbeat. 

To her, the other side of the beach – the side opposite to the one tourists’ throng – was the lure. Yes, she was scared initially, but eventually, she learnt her way. 

In her words:

When you travel alone, it is about your gut feeling, and you learn to trust it.


Has travel made you a better person? Or helped you in your career?

Rashi aptly puts it that your perspective changes when you meet a lot of people. It gives you a way to deal with the harsh realities of quotidian life. In simple words, travel helps you handle the pressures of the job and everyday routine better.

In her words:

It’s made me strong. It’s made me a wise person.”


There was a time when the Delhi airport had your photograph. How did that happen?

The story Rashi unfolds here is definitive proof of being open to learning new things. She was invited to a festival in Orissa to teach yoga. She accepted without realizing that it was yoga on the water. 

Instead of backpaddling, she took the time to learn paddleboard yoga, aka SUP yoga, and went ahead with the festival. That led to opportunities with Orissa, which in turn opened the door to a huge project. And it was that project which resulted in her photograph being plastered across Delhi airport.


Travel in lockdown is not a possibility. How did you keep up with content?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to content and lockdown:

  1.     Travel creators pivoted and began exploring new genres. 
  2.     Creators stuck to their niche because that’s what they are passionate about. 

Rashi fell somewhere in between because she creates to inspire. 

Yes, the lockdown meant a lot of throwback pictures, but she delved into things that can be done at home. For instance, she began cooking dishes she hadn’t made in the past nine years. She reconnected with yoga – something that took a backbench in the past few years. 

When it’s safe, she plans to explore areas around her hometown and dive back into travel content. 

What advice would you give your fellow creators, especially those starting?

Take the restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis as a blessing in disguise. There is a lot of content you can create from where you are. If not that, then take this time to brainstorm and plan content. 

Lastly, Instagram is filled with creators posting content that screams fake and is not relatable. So, be true to yourself.

Cover Picture Courtesy: Rashi Kalra’s Instagram 


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