Content creation or content curation. Let’s settle this debate once and for all!

Many have argued that one is better than the other. Luckily the answer is not one or the other. The sweet spot is between the two for influencers and content creators

The best example of this is Netflix, who have perfected both the creation and curation of content.

What’s the difference between content creation and curation, exactly?

Think of it as writing a story and posting it online vs. compiling a list of book recommendations and sharing it for your followers.

Content creation is all about the original content that you create and then market to your audience.
Whereas, content curation lets you gather existing information related to a topic relevant to your niche and share it with your followers.

content creation vs content curation

These are two #thngs that Netflix does better than anyone.

Netflix Originals like Stranger Things, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, etc. are examples of content creation. They invest billions of dollars into creating original content because they understand the role it plays in generating new subscribers.

content creation or content curation

But they also specialise in
content curation. They find and license great content that was developed by other production studios. Sherlock is a great example of the same.

content creation or content curation netflix


So should you invest in content creation or content curation as an influencer?

The truth is, curated content and created content can’t replace each other because they complement each other. But here are some key points you can keep in mind.

The balance

Ideally, start off by sharing 40% created and 60% curated content and adjust it from there according to what resonates with your audience.

Curate content from trusted experts

Don’t randomly post content. Make sure it’s from a trusted person and not going to be #fake. This will help you grow your audience & establish yourself as a trusted advisor. It will also help you learn new #thngs about your niche.

Consistency is the key

Be consistent with your content. That’s the thumb rule to success. However, it is not possible to come up with original content to share on a regular basis. This is where curation comes into play. But don’t forget to add your original twist, insight, or opinion to it.

Our 2 cents on content creation vs content curation

Pick up both, blend them together, give it your touch & do your thng! Particularly if you are a new content creator. Posting curated content will reduce the burden of creating new content and it will help you lure the followers of people whose content you post (with loads of credit of course)