Curation has always been around us. Before the Internet came around, most of us relied on editors to curate the content. Curation has changed how we receive news content (Reddit, Inshorts), how we shop online (Amazon, Myntra), and how we share with each other (Twitter, Instagram) or with our family & friends.


Right now curation is what blogging was 10 years ago. Whoever can bring together the best and most relevant content on a specific topic, can rise to the top as an authoritative curator and resource.


Yes, this is the age of curation. An age where content filtered down to the good stuff. An age where curators you trust and products you love tell you what to consume. They simplify things, save you time, and make you happy. Their job is to match you with the things you need at this moment. The things that are worth your time, so you don’t have to go through the pain of finding them yourself.


Here, are 5 different types of curations:


  1. Aggregation is curating the most relevant content about a topic into one single location. This is the most common form of curation and the basis of most content curation services available for use or purchase.
  2. Distillation is the act of curating information into a more simplistic format where only the most important or relevant ideas are shared. The best cases of social content curation can be cataloged into this definition.
  3. Elevation happens when curators identify a trend & draft a more general insight.
  4. Mashups merge different content about a topic to create a new original point of view.
  5. Chronology is a historiographical content curation. Typically this method consists of presenting a timeline of curated information to show the evolution of a specific topic.

The Shift

As the influencers rose to heights because of their social media followings to profit themselves, usually by promoting particular brands, products, or content. But this shift shows the need for authentic content.


There’s no need to cultivate a fake image of their lifestyle, selling it as a dream that anyone could achieve! As now people want reality, the relatability & the authenticity,

That is where curators come into play because curators are genuine. And everyone is attracted to that.


Add in your #Thng

With a human touch, curation becomes creation.


Don’t get lazy! Always add value, and make an effort to connect with your followers. Curation is the king on social media. If you haven’t started doing it, now’s the time.