Being a part of a community feels like there are so many people with similar interests, tastes, sense, etc.

Why is it important to be a part of any community?

Apart from your family and friends, there are many people who will stand beside you and support you for your talent and work without even knowing you deeply. They will match their cause with yours and as this goes on – a big community is created unconsciously. This boosts engagement, loyalty, and connection with others.

With social distancing measures still in place, there’s never been a more important time to create meaningful connections with your audience online. 

Brands and creators are also a part of this community. A quality community for the promotion of their products or services can take them places.


Here are some ways which can help you build a strong Instagram community-:

#1 Tagline

In order to create your Instagram community, you can have a tagline or pet phrase related to your Instagram account or your username, such that you shine like the brightest star. For example, you can use a pet phrase for your community like “dum-dums” by Prajakta Kohli (@mostlysane).

Give a tagline for your own community and whenever your followers post something inspired by you- ask them to use that tagline.  Similarly, this can be done for fashion bloggers, food bloggers, travel bloggers, and even photographers.


#2 Hashtags
The hashtags you use for your posts, choose them wisely, and make sure that they are pertinent to your post. Hashtags can help categorize posts, increase engagement, attract followers to a certain niche, strengthen a brand image, and help reach a target audience.

#3 Engagement

If you post your content but have a limited audience and they like your content then it’s very good, but you have to find a group of audiences who can spread your content through word of mouth that’s what matters the most.

Try to engage your audience as much as possible. Your audience will only help you become more social as they are a part of your community. You have to make some contact with them, be more personal with them so that they can feel more connected.

If this connection falters either in the earlier stage or later stage, your community will become weak, and sooner or later you won’t have any audience to show off your content to.

#4 Regular SFS (shoutout for shoutout)

Don’t wait for your audience, instead, you can send a shoutout request to others who are doing the same thing as you. It is related to cross-promotions of the posts on the social media platform.

The audiences can get to know different creators of the same genre. 

#5 Active Listening

After engaging with the audience, ask them to share what type of content they want to see. You’ll be able to get a creative perspective and a whole pool of ideas. It is also necessary to give them replies; so that they know their ideas have been heard. And also try to create user-generated content to strengthen the connection amongst your community.

#6 Quality Vs Quantity

If you have a thousand general posts on your page and your fellow creator has 30-50 posts but with very attractive content and also variety, then the audience would love to see the latter’s content more than yours. Quality matters!

#7 Giveaways

You can also find creative ways to give back to your followers. This would show your gratitude for the engagement and support you receive from them. This does not mean you have to empty your bank account to give back to your community. It can be in the form of some goodies or some donations to social causes.