Chances are you’ve already seen it and thought, “
wow, WhatsApp is running ads now!”

What most wouldn’t have realized is that it is a BIG DEAL (yes, in capital letters).

Why? Because it is their first-ever global brand campaign. 

They began in Brazil in Feb 2020. Here’s a look:

In July, they launched the same campaign, called ‘It’s Between You,’ in India. 

What’s the WhatsApp campaign?

#ItsBetweenYou narrates ‘real stories’ using two ad films. Right now, available in English, the ads will also roll out in:

  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Assamese
  • Oriya
  • Gujarati
  • Marathi
  • Kannada

Both films are about WhatsApp’s commitment to privacy. They highlight the end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp because, as per the app, it is not just a feature, they offer, but a feeling. 

A feeling, you ask?

Well yes, it is only when you know, for sure, that what you say will remain private that you reveal your true selves. 

And that’s what the campaign is all about. Take a look:


What’s to love about #ItsBetweenYou?

If you skipped the ad, scroll back, and watch it. Seriously. 

Created by director Gauri Shinde and Advertising agency BBDO, the 50-second ad captures those moments where you feel closer to your loved ones because of the app flawlessly. 

It also showcases the many, many features of WhatsApp from text to voice messages that have helped people stay connected during the lockdown effortlessly. 

For people separated by distance, the messaging app has become a lifeline, and a safe space where they can talk and share everything and the ads show it very clearly!

And that’s what we love about the campaign. Without being over the top, it has painted the emotional link WhatsApp has been crucial in knitting for the past few months. 

How did they shoot the brand campaign?

We know a lot of you are wondering about it. With lockdown in place, how did they shoot It’s Between You?

Two words – remote shooting. 

The campaign was filmed right at the start of the lockdown, which meant they looked for a cast and crew living together. Avinash Pant, Director of Marketing at Facebook India, puts it perfectly:

“…for the first time, we heard, ‘Action, Mumma’ instead of just ‘Action.’”

The ads were directed over, you guessed it, WhatsApp video calls. All the post-production work was also done remotely. 

Intrigued about the result? Here’s the second It’s Between You ad:


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