There is something to be said about the internet. Even when you’re scrolling mindlessly you stumble upon gold. 

That’s what happened to this writer a few weeks back. A Google search of “what series to watch after Schitt’s Creek” led to an article on Tweak India. 

The post shares Radhika Apte’s TV shows watchlist – series that kept her entertained during the lockdown. And suffice to say, it is gold. 

This writer binged on one of those recommendations, and the others are in the queue. So, if you’ve been looking for a great show for a while, here’s what Radhika Apte recommends.

Show: Schitt’s Creek


Where to watch: Netflix

Seasons: 6




A reverse of the rags to riches trope, the show is about a wealthy, married couple (and their two adult children) who suddenly find themselves bankrupt. The only thing they are left with is a tiny, ugly town called Schitt’s Creek.

Why should you watch Schitt’s Creek?

Because it is “hilarious, witty, brilliant writing and so very relevant,” according to Radhika. We think you should watch it because it’s a Canadian sitcom and no one does humour better (except the British)!


Show: I Know This Much is True


Where to watch: Disney Hotstar +

Seasons: 1




The show is a grim tale of two brothers – identical twins—one who has paranoid schizophrenia and the other convinced that his family is cursed. The show also looks at how a family’s ancestry can impact their present.

Why should you watch I Know This Much is True?

Both Radhika and we agree – watch it for the stunning acting by Mark Ruffalo. He is brilliant, as was expected. 

If not for Mark, then watch the show because it is a remake of a book with the same name. And we all know the best shows and movies are those based on books. Right?


Show: I May Destroy You


Where to watch: Disney Hotstar +

Seasons: 1




The show centres around a woman (Arabella) who fails to remember what took place during a night out with friends. She soon realizes she was drugged and sexually assaulted. 

Why should you watch I May Destroy You?

We know the synopsis of the series doesn’t offer a ringing endorsement, but believe us it is worth every one of its 12 episodes. It is a British comedy series after all, and we did say they do comedy best. 

Radhika Apte recommends the show because “(it is inspiring) to see one woman writing, directing, and acting.” We recommend it because the series honestly talks about a crucial topic – how do you become whole again after trauma breaks you open?


Show: Dead To Me


Where to watch:  Netflix

Seasons: 2




An unlikely friendship sparks between two women after they meet in a support group. One woman (Jen) is investigating the death of her husband, who died in a hit and run accident. The other (Judy) tries to protect her from uncovering a shocking truth.

Why should you watch Dead To Me?

Radhika endorses Dead To Me because of actress Christina Applegate and her stunning performance. We commend the show because it is so easy to binge on! You’ll be laughing in no time. 

That’s all folks! 

If you have some TV shows to recommend to us, please do share. We’re tired of reruns of FRIENDS and The Office!

Picture credit: Radhika Apte’s Instagram Handle