It is just normal that advertisers and brands are committing additional resources to utilize Instagram to promote their brands. And these brands are targeting those influencers who have a good number of followers. Attracting brands at this juncture will be very effective in luring more followers to your Instagram page.

The main reason for hosting a giveaway is to engage your audience. Audience engagement provides long term benefits. If you do not engage your audience regularly then you might lose a few followers on a daily basis.

Some people keep track of your Instagram account without actually following you, so in order to change that you should give them a reason to actually follow you. 

Another advantage is that it helps in building brand awareness amongst a varied set of audience.
According to a study, those Instagram accounts that run regular contests are likely to grow 70% more than the other accounts.

People are more likely to get attracted to freebies rather than shelling out their own money. 


How to execute effective Instagram giveaways?


  • Set your Goal
  • Select a Target Audience
  • Draft a detailed description
  • Choose the Reward
  • Craft your own hashtag
  • Declare the Winner

Set Your Goal

What’s your main objective for a giveaway?
Is it audience engagement or brand awareness or is to gain more followers?

These questions will decide your giveaway idea. Ideas differ for each and every objective.

You should be clear about your goal. And this will decide the rules, requirements and reward for your giveaway.


Select A Target Audience

After you have decided on your goal or objective of doing giveaways, you must decide who your target audience is.
Who all should enter your giveaway? Will it target only females or males or is it open for all?
This ensures active participation from the audience.


Draft A Detailed Description

To announce your giveaway the first step is to write a detailed description of that giveaway. In that, you must include all the necessary requirements like eligibility criteria, rules of participation, prizes, deadline, modes of entry, etc.

As a rule, you should make it clear that Instagram has no direct involvement in the giveaway.

Also, you shouldn’t encourage inaccurate tagging just for the sake of brand building. For instance, you can ask participants to tag their friends in the comments section and not on the picture used for the giveaway announcement.


Choose The Reward
You ought to guarantee that the prize is corresponding to the amount of effort put in by the participants.

A couple of product samples are sufficient to lure individuals to like your post or follow your page.

In the event that they like what they win, they may be happy to make a purchase from you. They can even transform into steadfast brand advocates who recommend your products or services to their loved ones.
Obviously, this is an incredible method to drive changes and increment deals.


Craft Your Own Hashtag
For your Giveaway, your product should stand out in the crowd. You can make this happen by using a unique hashtag for your giveaway.

This will attract more and more audiences. They would feel that they are associated with the product just by using the hashtag.

Branded hashtags also make it easy for you to keep track of the entries. Make sure your hashtag is simple, concise, and easy to read.

It should also showcase your brand name for maximum impact.

Declare The Winner
Keep your audience engaged until the end.
Regularly post about the giveaway on your stories such that the participants eagerly wait for the announcement of the winner.

Try to make them glued to your profile such that you may not lose followers towards the end.

You can make the winners feel more special by highlighting their names and Instagram profiles on your page.

This special gesture can position your brand as one that truly values its audience. It can also help you build an army of brand evangelists.

After you have announced the winner make sure you tell everyone that this particular giveaway is closed and no further participation will be accepted. And thank everyone for their participation.


Here are 5 best Instagram giveaway ideas


  • Like and Share to Win
    One of the most straightforward Instagram giveaways is to urge members to like your post and share it on their own profiles. You can even request that they use your unique marked hashtag while reposting the post. By getting your products shared, you will have the option to build brand mindfulness and draw in more individuals to your Instagram profile.
  • Follow to Win
    Another of the best Instagram giveaway ideas, this one expects members to follow your Instagram profile to enter to win the prize. Obviously, this is an incredible method to develop your supporter number and develop brand mindfulness. It is regularly utilized in combination with other Instagram giveaway thoughts.
  • Tag a Friend
    This is one of the best Instagram giveaways to get more traffic. The idea is simple — participants need to tag at least one or more of their friends in the comments section to be qualified to win.

    The participants who have been tagged can additionally tag their friends to participate in the giveaway.
    This is a viable method of extending your range of followers in a quick yet unobtrusive way.

    At the point when individuals get tagged in your post, they will pay heed to your giveaway declaration and your Instagram profile. That is the reason tag-a-companion is one of the most mainstream Instagram giveaway ideas.
  • Photo Contest
    This is one of the most well known and pervasive Instagram giveaway ideas. Your followers’ post content (pictures, selfies, and videos) on Instagram consistently. You can boost this conduct for your own advantage by urging them to upload an image displaying your product/image. You ought to likewise encourage the use of your branded hashtag so as to guarantee brand awareness.This is a standout amongst other Instagram giveaways for boosting brand mindfulness and commitment.At the point when participants upload pictures with your brand hashtag on their Instagram profiles, their network of supporters becomes aware of your brand.With the correct motivating force, you can even encourage a few people from this all-inclusive system to partake in the giveaway.
  • Scheduled Giveaways
    One way to create a buzz about your Instagram giveaways is to announce them at regular intervals. For instance, you could start a weekly or monthly giveaway series. This gives your audience something to look forward to. Such anticipation is extremely beneficial for boosting engagement and reinforcing loyalty through your Instagram giveaway ideas.


We hope you get an idea of how giveaways are done and how to execute them smoothly and also some basic ideas of different giveaways.

If you like you can share with us your first giveaway experience and we would be happy to feature you.