People usually have a hard time holding on to one job. Many of them are stressed and are in distress because of their ‘9 to 5s’! Taking time out to take care of their own health is a whole new issue especially during this pandemic when the need is to work from home. The load of work has increased since the travel time has reduced. It often becomes difficult to take time out for oneself. In such a situation, following their passion and making it a side career is an impossible task. 


However, there are some who are successfully conquering the towers of vocation and avocation. Here, we bring you a list of people who made their mark by simultaneously working on their passion and their profession!


  1. Ritu Rathee Taneja– Ritu Rathee Taneja is a co-founder of Youtube Channel #Flybeast. She is a mother and a full-time pilot. Her pictures will make you fall in love with her. Check out her profile here because it will for sure make you fall in love with her!
    7 Creators Who Are Conquering The Towers of Profession & Passion!!


  2. Kriti Dhir- Kriti is a major #FashionGoals on Instagram. She is a management consultant and also a content creator who creates content around travel, fashion, and lifestyle. Need inspiration? Check out her profile on Instagram.Kriti Dhir


  3. Simran Anand– Another fashion star on our list is Simran Anand. A DYT employee and a digital creator, Simran loves recreating famous fashionistas and pulls it off like no one else!Simran Anand 
  4. Rashmi Sharma Phogat- A pilot and a writer – that’s Rashmi Sharma Phogat for you. Her Instagram account narrates a story of its own and her blog tells a completely different tale about her!Rashmi Sharma 
  5. Parth Bajaj- At 23, Parth has successfully learned the art of juggling between work and passion. He is a content creator and a TV Host, a food photographer & a stylist.Parth Bajaj 
  6. Ritika Amru- Ritika Amru is a graphic designer and a content creator who is breaking the walls with her out of the box beauty styles. Her profile is sure to blow your mind! Follow her here!Ritika Amru 
  7. Mohit Verma- Mohit Verma is a content creator and professionally works at an ad agency. His blog has everything! Tech info, lifestyle information, and some stories from his personal life!Mohit Verma 

Having two careers such as these people can be tedious but it is refreshing. The core is to learn to strike a balance between the two. You learn every day and gather knowledge of two completely different fields. It opens the door for plenty of opportunities.

For instance, did you know that Ritu Rathee Taneja got a chance to meet the former President of US Mr. Barack Obama because of her career on Youtube? Interesting right?

There are more such interesting facts about all these content creators, follow them on Instagram, and watch them do their thng!