Quality content is a vital asset for any organization, even for us. To be honest, we have been quite lucky in this area as our creators have been sending us these quality content from time to time. 


We know that you put in a lot of hard work in creating those beautiful content pieces, hence we want you to get paid for them!


We are rolling out a new feature “Creatorboard” for all the DYT unpaid campaigns


Participate in the unpaid campaigns in the Campaign section


Points will be given for each campaign, depending upon the difficulty of participation.

  1. Minimum points- 10 
  2. Maximum points- 50

Once the creator reaches 500 points, INR 500 will be added to their DYT wallet.


The creatorboard will be updated weekly on Saturdays in the form of stories, where the creators can check their points and positions. 


Also, the payment will be processed within 7 days.


Not to forget there are few mandatories-


  • The image should be a quality picture- clear, with a good background.
  • It should match the campaign criteria.
  • It should include all the campaign mandatories
  • The image should only be posted through the app.


Credits will be rewarded for one post per campaign


We have been featuring the best content we got from our creators on Instagram too, but now we have come this far & we’d be happy to incentivize our creators’ efforts and this has only been possible because of all your support and belief. Thank you for making Do Your Thng, a creator first community!


For more information, contact support@dyt.onl and our concerned team shall be happy to help you. 🙂