Tap into your creative side, it’s time to talk about Custom Content! What is Custom Content? It is the creation of ‘branded content’ for a brand. And, for the most part, custom content is created for the client to communicate with their own existing customers.


But then why should a creator do this? Two things – money & recognition!


Obviously, when you will sell your images to the brands you will get credits in your DYT wallet. But not only that, but Instagram will also recognize your undeniable value as a creator. Why? Well, you engage their users AND you provide their brands with eye-catching content for their ads.

That’s why Instagram has released an account type specifically for you. It takes 15secs to upgrade to a creator account (from a personal or business account) and surprisingly doesn’t require a minimum number of followers. 


But where will you find these branded content campaigns? How can you participate? How much will you get paid? 


We have answers to all your questions. Now take a deep breath and follow these simple steps!


  1. Open the DYT app and go to the Custom Content tab
  2. Select any brand card you want to collaborate with
  3. Read the entire brief very carefully
  4. Create content. Obviously, you know this better than us.
  5. Submit your content.
  6. Name your content and upload it.
  7. Quote a price for your content

This content is sent to the brand and then once the brand approves you will have to post the content on your social media account and then you will get paid within 7 days


Well, there you have it! All your questions answered in one place. Still, have more questions? Reach out to us at support@dyt.onl.