Brands adapting to the new world Or Thinking Forward While Staying Safe


Year 2020! Life has been upended, twisted, and tossed in ways unimaginable.


It sure looks like an episode from Black Mirror, but this is our new reality. And it’s time we took our control back and steered past the virus with extra precautions and guards. 


We have to adapt soon as this virus doesn’t believe in respecting any boundaries. Not only has it challenged our healthcare system, but it has also crippled our economy.


We are in the midst of a pandemic and this is an era of the “new normal” which has imposed some long-lasting changes in the way we live, work, socialize, etc.

This has led to two major changes-
– Stay home, stay safe
– Innovate 


Brands understood this right from the start. I am sure brand communications during a pandemic might become a chapter in future college courses and also we have great examples for the same. 


For example, Nestlé India-owned coffee brand Nescafé has launched a new campaign “Karne se hee hona hai” (only doing will make it possible).

Created by advertising agency McCann Worldgroup India, the television spot features a bunch of youngsters stepping out for going back to work, taking up a hobby, starting a YouTube channel from home, or just taking up online fitness classes, making this a new normal routine.

Nescafe is not only a beverage but a ‘cup of resolve’, a great example of brand positioning.


Another example is Amul. We all know that Amul is best known for their topical ads, this time, they had the Amul girl washing hands as the copy read ‘Better saaf than sorry’ a clever wordplay of the phrase. Such campaigns have a two-fold advantage which includes the social angle on the awareness bit and the brand connect with the current situation.

Similarly, Zomato has also been running social media campaigns with a simple text in an extremely small size against the red backdrop. Users have to zoom in to read the message which states ‘Germs are tiny. So tiny you can’t see them with your eyes. In fact, there might be millions of them on your fingertips that you see to zoom in to read this. Please wash your hands before eating.’

In a nutshell, now’s the time when we have to stay in the box but think out of the box.

It is true that this spread of Coronavirus has disrupted our lives a bit. But now’s not the time to be clueless. Because with the right plan, brands and creators can make the most out of it.