Our ever favorite – YouTube, has brought some amazing updates. It has improved the Analytics Video Overview to help creators with user-friendly real-time updates.

Soon, creators will be able to see an overview of the video analytics layout which will be available in the ‘Analytics’ tab that is accessible on the Homepage of the YouTube Creator Studio.

A new addition is a sidebar in the Channel Overview which displays real-time data. Further, it can be extended to the full screen simply by clicking on ‘See More’. Content Creators’ video performance analysis will be integrated into the home page and will now be available for a period of 30 days unlike the present (just 3 days).

This analysis helps in understanding the reasons for underperformance or the X-factors of a video. It will help creators understand their work and style better. It will bring dynamism into their work.

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The analysis has also been improved to detect reasons why a video overperforms or underperforms, such as external traffic, and more.

Story Analysis:

YouTube is presenting Story Analytics on Home Page in your mobile app to give a clear understanding of a Creator’s Stories’ performance. This will display aggregate views and subscribers gathered from stories in the preceding 14 days. 

YouTube Blog:

After 15 years of no changes, YouTube rebranded its YouTube blog. The major differentiation between blogs on the app is made through the timeline by dates. The blog which has multiple tabs with additional visual and carousels for tweets is now divided into the following categories:

  1. News & Events: It’ll simply display news about the launch of new features, happening on YouTube, letter from the CEO herself, and other important updates.

  2. Artist and Creator Stories: This will feature profiles of prominent creators and artists and their activities and content on YouTube.

  3. Trends & Culture: It will have updates from current trends from all across the globe. Plus, it will also have insights from the monthly series of interviews with Culture and Trends Manager!

  4. Inside YouTube:  As the term suggests, this will show people working with the giant itself. It will also feature “Work Diaries” where people can follow a five-day work schedule of the employees at YouTube. It’ll also have sessions with Matt Koval discussing creator issues!

Interesting right? They add a lot of technical benefits for the content creators! Through this, the content creators will be able to understand the content performance at a better level. So be patient because the fruit will be sweet, sweeter, sweetest! Till then have fun and do your thng