There was a time when the number of followers you had mattered. Now, size doesn’t matter.

If you have established yourself in a particular niche and have high engagement, even with just 500 followers, brands will want to work with you. 

Why? Because brands know that collaborating with an influencer who regularly engages with his or her audience gives results. 

Now that we’ve established that follower size is not the key to working with brands let’s get on with what is. Here are 6 tips for creators who want to work with brands. 

6 Tips for Creators on How to Get Brand Collaborations


  • Create a kicka$$ bio

Your bio has to be enticing and effective. It should spark the curiosity of both brands and followers. If you add a niche to your bio, then make sure your posts are about that niche.

Your bio can’t say ‘fashion for less’ when your posts are all about LV, Gucci, and Manolo Blahnik.

Need more tips on bio, especially if you are on Twitter? Swing by here.


  • Be consistent with the content

We can’t say this enough number of times. Post regularly. 

It may be 3 times a week or even just 2 times in 10 days. Pick a schedule and then stick to it! Both social media algorithms and your followers will reward you for it. 

Also be consistent with engaging with your followers. When someone comments regularly on your posts, reply. When you get an earnest question in your DMs, answer it.

Need tips on how to amplify content? We’ve got your back.


  • Create a relationship with other creators

Building a relationship with creators in your niche and can introduce you to brands. 

Let’s say you engage with creator A and creator A collaborates with influencer B. Influencer B works with a brand. The brand would obviously go through B’s socials, and when they do so, they’ll find creator A and from creator A, you. 

Collaborating with other creators essentially creates a chain. Brands tend to follow that chain when they look for new creators.

What else does putting yourself out in the community do? Read here!


  • Invest in UGC

Promote, advocate, endorse, encourage, or recommend. Do it all for the brands you love and do it even when you are not paid for it. 

Creating user-generated content is the best way to get discovered by brands.  Just remember to tag the right brand on your #UGC.

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  • Always be you

The reason why people follow you is you. It’s your personal brand, voice, and tone that attracts people in the first place. Stay faithful to it. 

All your content should be true to your reflection. That’s how brands will want to work with you.


  • Use platforms that offer brand collaborations

Follow each of the five tips we’ve mentioned, and slowly brands will get to know you and offer paid work. 

That said, you can speed up the process by using platforms that help creators find brand campaigns (like the Do Your Thng App).

The app takes away the hard part of being an influencer. Instead of you searching for brands or brands reaching out to you, we hand-deliver them to you.

Every Influencer Has the Potential to Work with Brands!

If you have a #Thng, a thing that makes you, you, then you have the potential to work with brands and earn from it. 

The social media has democratized influence. Anyone who’s an expert on something and creates excellent content can find work with brands. 

So, if you’re disheartened and wondering “mera number kab aayega,” don’t. Keep creating, and your turn will come. In the meantime, don’t wait for brands to find you. Go find them on the DYT App!