With Diwali (and the whole host of festivities that fall around the time) nearing, there is one thing on our minds – shopping. 

Typically, most households spend plenty during Diwali, and we all know what that means. Brands do their utmost to grab attention, and we all know what that means—tons of brand collaborations for creators. 

But COVID-19 has effed’d up our lives. We live, work, and think very differently post-March 2020. It means the way we shop has also changed. With that in mind, we wanted to know if it would impact Diwali shopping too. So, we went down another internet rabbit hole and came across a TRA Research report. 

We’ll give you the good news first. The report found that 65% of people had a positive buying sentiment for this Diwali. 

Translation: people will be spending.

The report also says that online shopping scored the highest at 260 in the Preferred Outlet Index. This means all brand marketing pushes will happen online.

Translation: brands will need creators to promote products.

Where will people spend the most during Diwali?

At DYT, we like to say it as it is. No sugar-coating because that doesn’t help the community. So, fair warning. While there are specific niches that will see splurges, most will not. 

Clothes are the real winner.

Of all the places people can spend, the clear-cut winner is apparel. So, if you are a fashion creator, get your cameras ready and start brainstorming content ideas. This Diwali, a person will be buying tons of clothes. 

Mobile phones are not far behind.

Tech creators there is good news for you too. No. 2 on the shopping list is mobile phones. So how about creating content on which smartphones to buy this festive season and give your community useful content?

Appliances come in third.

Living at home with nowhere to go made one thing apparent to all of us. Home appliances make our lives easier. How many of you dreamed about dishwashers in March and April? We sure did. Every. Single. Night. 

That’s why people will be indulging in some consumer electronics like ACs, refrigerators, and washing machines. All items that made life liveable. So, all lifestyle creators, get ready to promote your favorite brands. 

And if you can make that content funny and relevant, we’ll be your fans forever! 

What else made the cut?

Home furniture and home renovation also made it on the quadrant of TRA’s survey. They may not have attained the “very high priority” box, but they were on the map. 

Why? Because when you work, play, and live at home, you start seeing the flaws pretty soon.

It tells us if home décor creators do some creative work, they might just end up helping their followers in the best way. 

What will people not spend on?

Travel creators will not be news for you, but the niche where consumers will not spend during Diwali is travel. 

Although more people are venturing out, they are doing so to nearby locations. In case you live in a city that is great for a short vacay or has such locations nearby, why not promote them?

Travel doesn’t mean far-flung destinations like Mykonos. Does it?

Support Local Businesses This Diwali

The Diwali 2020 Buying Propensity Report researched 503 consumers and influencers spanning over 16 cities like Lucknow, Mumbai, Chandigarh, and more between 9th June and 15th July 2020.

We’re telling you this to prove that it was comprehensive. So, the results of the whitepaper bleed true, and one part mentioned that people would buy from Kirana or standalone stores. It ranked right after online shopping.

Translation: shopping will go local. 

For you, it means think local rather than global. As a creator, you can promote and support local businesses as much as any big brand. In fact, you’re likely to see more engagement with local brands. 

So, go forth and find businesses you love in your town and get to talking about them this Diwali!