Pandemic has taken a toll on businesses everywhere. We discussed how artists and content creators are trying to keep their audience engaged. Engagement is also crucial for brands. Let’s see how brands are managing in this pandemic. 

It is important for brands to maintain engagement with their customers. The pandemic made it challenging because it is an unprecedented situation where people’s attitude and the environment has changed. Brands had to come up with better strategies for customer engagement. So here are some of the ways how they kept their connection with the people:


  • Online Seminars: 

Brands have switched to organizing more webinars. In this pandemic, there has been a significant rise in the number of video calls and live videos on platforms like Instagram, Zoom, and YouTube. Small or big, every brand resorted to live streaming to connect with their audience through webinars, live AMAs, etc. 


  • Offering free Content:

Another way that brands adapted to connect with the audience was making content available for free – to watch, to learn, and to explore. This same content before the pandemic charged a fee to access. The intention was to make customers used to the brand so that they choose to buy a particular brand when the opportunity arises. Therefore grabbing and maintaining their attention is very important.


In the aftermath of Tik Tok ban in India, people switched to various other apps for content creation. One app which was prevalent in this quest was Instagram Reels. Brands resorted to making content on Reels and collaborated with many content creators to promote themselves.


  • BTS Content:

Everyone likes to know the the-behind-the-curtain-story and brands are making sure that they let the customers get more than enough access to it. In a bid to this, brands are showing the hard work and efforts their employees put in content creation videos and posts. Putting employees to the forefront is a smart move. It motivates the employees and also gathers appreciation for the players of the game.


These were few ways through which brands have picked up and are using to reach their audience, in these challenging times. They are doing a commendable job in stepping up their show and keeping us entertained. They seem to be doing better in these difficult times than ever before.