TL;DR: Live streams are great but as a beginner you need live streaming tips and tricks for different social media to help you make the most of them. That’s what we do here.

Nothing hikes engagement rates like a live stream. Go live on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or anywhere and it will do wonders for your creator career. 

It builds a stronger personal connection with your audience and makes them feel as if they know more about you. And that cultivates a sense of loyalty and commitment from them. With that, we give you streaming tips for beginners.

How to improve your live streaming skills on Instagram (or  anywhere else)?

Yes, live streaming is an amazing tool but only if used correctly. It has to be high-quality live video streaming that engages your community. Only then will it give you results. So, without further ado here are live streaming tips and tricks to help you conquer these live sessions

Live streaming tip 1: announce the session

Start by creating a buzz about your live session. Inform them about which of these platforms will you go live. Put up posts and stories about the time and date of your session on various platforms of social media.

Use the timer feature on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and ask your audience to set reminders of live sessions. This is a great feature for the audience to tune in on time. 

Live streaming tip 2: stick to one platform

Switching platforms for every new live session can create confusion for your audience. While it is a good strategy to be present on different social and cater to different followers, people who follow you on all the channels may not like hunting down which platform you’re going live on next. Be consistent. 

Live streaming tip 3: Prep questions beforehand

One of the best tips for streaming on YouTube and all other social media is to have questions ready. Our tip to improve your live streaming experience is to ask your community to post their questions or topics which they want to discuss or know about.

This ensures that your audience remains for the entire live and actually take away valuable knowledge from it.  

Live streaming tip 4: timing is key

The time of the day or week you go live is a crucial streaming tips for beginners. You want as many people there as possible. Starting the live at 9 am on Monday is not an intelligent choice.

It’s why, DYT organized its live AMA sessions every Sunday- a day when most of the audience has a day off from work. If your followers live in different time zones, find a time where majority of them will be free. 

Live streaming tip 5: planning brings perfection

Of all the tips for live streaming on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, the one we really want you to follow is to always plan your sessions.

Decide how long will the session last. Around 30-35 minutes are plenty. People get impatient too quickly. So, the mantra is being efficient.

In a short time, ensure you keep your audience engaged. Strategize your session. Carve out the details of everything you will talk about and discuss in that live session. Have time frames for each point of discussion and stick to it. This will make your session extremely engaging and fruitful. 

Live streaming tip 6: get those Gadgets in order

If you really want high-quality live video streaming, then have your technology in order. Ensure the internet connection is strong. Pick the best device for the live session: your laptop, your tablet, or your phone.

  • If you choose to use your phone, ensure you turn on the ‘do not disturb’ option.
  • Use a tripod if available as it gives stability to your live video. 
  • Do not hold the phone in your hands. It will cause fatigue which will prevent you from giving your best shot. 
  • Choose a nice background. It should be free from disruptive noise and distracting visuals.
  • If you want, try rehearsing it with your friends as it helps to get productive feedback. 

Live streaming tip 7: write a description

Writing the best description for live streaming gets you brownie points. It is a great way to let everyone know what the session is about, regardless of when they join in.

  • If you are live on Instagram, simply pin ‘about the video’ details in the comment section.
  • YouTube allows you to post a premiere countdown, do that. 

More streaming tips for beginners

Ensure you answer as many questions in a live session as you can. People feel terrible if you let them go unheard. Interaction with them is important. If you can’t take all the comments in one session, tell them about it. Try to get back to them later.

Take their names and say hi! It makes them happy. Sometimes, you may take time in answering a long question. In this situation pin the topic you are talking about in the comment section so someone who joins later knows what you are talking about. 

And finally, post the AMA live session, share the live video on various platforms for people who may have missed it or for those who want to watch the highlights.

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