Going live on various platforms has been a trend that seems to do great for content creators and brands alike. Primarily, it helps in direct engagement with your audience. Your effort towards a personal connection with your audience always makes them feel great about you, thereby bringing a sense of loyalty and commitment from them. Therefore, it is pertinent to note if you are using this amazing live tool correctly. We have brought before you a few tips which will help you conquer these live sessions successfully. 


  • Announcements of Live Session:

Start by creating a buzz about your live session. Put up posts and stories about the time and date of your session on various platforms of social media. Inform them about which of these platforms will you go live. Always stick to one platform. Switching platforms for every new live session can create confusion for your audience. They may not like it. Ask them to post their questions or topics which they want to discuss or know about. This helps in understanding what your audience wants from you in these live sessions. 



  • Timing is the key:

It is important to understand during which time of the day or week do you wish to have a live session. For instance, DYT organizes its live sessions through AMAs every Sunday- a day when most of the audience is away from work. Always keep the time feasibility of your target audience in mind. If your audience includes people living in different time zones, then understanding the time of having a live session becomes crucial. On Facebook and YouTube, you can ask your audience to set reminders of live sessions. This is a great feature for the audience to tune in on time. 


  • Planning brings perfection:

Always plan your sessions. Decide how long will the session last! Around 30-35 minutes are plenty for a live session. People are very patient when it comes to listening. So, the mantra is being efficient. In a short time, ensure you keep your audience engaged. Strategize your session. Carve out a detail of what all you will talk about and discuss in that live session. Have time frames for each point of discussion and stick to it. This will make your session extremely engaging and fruitful. 


  • Get those Gadgets in order:

The next thing is to arrange your technology in order. Ensure the internet connection is strong. Decide which device is better to use for a live session- your laptop, your tablet, or your phone. If you choose to use your phone, ensure you turn on the ‘do not disturb’ option. Use a tripod if available as it gives stability to your live video. Choose a nice background. It should be free from disruptive noise and distasteful backgrounds. If you want, try rehearsing it with your friends as it helps to get productive feedback. Also, do not hold the phone in your hands if you are using your phone as it may cause fatigue which will prevent you from giving your best shot. 


  • About- Great marketing tool:

Writing a small description of the live video gets you brownie points. It is a great marketing asset. If you are live on Instagram, simply pin ‘about the video’ details in the comment section. YouTube allows you to post a premiere countdown, do that. Your audience will then know what topics will you deal with in your session. That is another key point that helps you gather their attention and interest. 


  • Quick response:

Ensure you answer as many questions in a live session as you can. People feel terrible if you let them go unheard. Interaction with them is important. If you can’t take all the comments in one session, tell them about it. Try to get back to them later. Take their names and say hi! It makes them happy. Sometimes, you may take time in answering a long question. In this situation pin the topic you are talking about in the comment section so that people know what you are talking about. 

And finally, in your post stream session, share a piece of the video on your Feed and page on various platforms for people who may have missed it or for those who want to watch the highlights of the session.

So, this was all about helping you with your live streams. Try it now and let us know your experiences with it! Do catch us live on Instagram every Sunday as we talk to new creators on our Ask Me Anything sessions.