Instagram Reels is an entertaining platform that is designed to be quick, fun, and amusing. It is a great mode of sharing content with your audience. However, this does not mean that you need to give up on your well crafted Instagram aesthetic. There are different ways to maintain a fine balance between your Reels and your feed aesthetic


If your Reels are affecting your aesthetic, it could slow down your growth rate. Since Instagram is a visual-first platform, what you display for your visitors and audience to see matters a lot. The top 9-12 posts of your page matter the most. The best method of taking care of this is by planning your posts in advance. Always preview your posts before putting it live. 

We have compiled 3 simple ways to enhance your Instagram Reels Aesthetic-


  • Apply Filters:

Having similar filters on your Instagram posts and your Instagram Reels in total makes your entire page radiant and attractive. Your feed aesthetic should look familiar to your Reels. For example, using a monochromatic theme on both of these makes your page delightful! Simply apply an Instagram Stories AR filter simultaneously while filming a Reel by tapping on the ‘effects’ option or apply a filter to your camera roll by using a third-party app and save it. While shooting a Reel, this filter will automatically be applied. 


  • Video-Editing Tool:

Get a great video editing app available on playstore to edit your videos. It is great for adding brand names or background or anything related to it. Minute details can improve your Reels in accordance with your feed. 


  • Cover Image:

Create a custom cover image for your Reels the same as you do for your IGTV videos. You can use Instagram story templates to create professional designs of your brand to have a custom cover image. Other than this, there are tons of apps on the playstore to help you create it. All you gotta do is – explore! 


Custom cover images, once created can be saved to your camera roll. Do this by clicking ‘Cover’ during the publish phase and click ‘add from camera roll’. 

Isn’t it easy?

Beautiful and attractive feeds are a wonder to see. With the varieties that Instagram offers- Reels, Posts, and Stories, having a gleaming feed can be a little difficult. But with these tips that we have for you, you can achieve what we just thought was difficult. So, try it out and do your thng.