The year 2020 is all about digital transformation, and YouTube is in no mood to lag behind. In an attempt to make listening more engaging, and compete with new updates in the ever-growing music streaming space, YouTube Music has rolled out a couple of new features. These features enhance the user experience by assisting them in discovering new music according to their mood, taste, preferences, and activity. The update is aimed to bridge the gap between good music, new artists, and listeners.

What Are The New Updates?

Improved playlist with increased collaboration & assisted discovery

It’s a welcome update from the age-old ledger style display, which was literally a mood killer. Simply pick a name and voila, your new playlist is created. Youtube will now generate song suggestions based on your activity, and even on the basis of playlist name. They also allow collaboration with friends and family in adding new songs to the playlist.

Imagine the enjoyment of hearing songs that BAE likes!

UPGRADED Profile Section with Discovery, New, and Your Mix.

To minimize the hassle and make listening more seamless, Youtube has improved the profile section where a user can now discover auto-generated recommendations in three segregated sections.


Discovery Mix– a section where they will suggest artists and songs that are more likely to engage with the users. It will be updated every week.

New Mix– a section where they suggest new artists who have released songs in the previous week or month.

Your Mix– a section that shows songs and artists based on your listening history.

AutoSave Liked Songs
– to ensure that you never miss a song that has touched your soul. They will automatically add liked songs in the playlist.


Profile Page Discovery- Users can now browse through public playlists on a specific user profile. Simply click below the name and scan through to explore new music.

Moods and Genres:  Sounds familiar right? YouTube has now dedicated a page where you can find a playlist on the basis of moods and genres. These auto-suggested mixes will contain an extensive catalog.


Final Note: Even when new, these updates are more or less similar to other streaming giants, but it might be a game-changer for YouTube. It will ensure that a user doesn’t switch to other platforms for finding music by keeping them engaged with a seamless audio streaming experience on the platform. With better tagging and segregation, it will also assist the discovery of local artists and new creators.