Hell yes! Videos in influencer marketing are not just important; they are mandatory for both creators and brands.

70% of India’s data usage happens on online videos. Did you know that? 

We sure didn’t and we were gobsmacked. Isn’t that too much? But then we realized 1 in every 3 people watch videos, and on average 67 mins of it daily.

Are Videos Important in Influencer Marketing?


And we’re not even taking into factor the surge in video consumption COVID caused. Remember the time when Instagram Live became the bread & butter for all?
Are Videos Important in Influencer Marketing?

The bottom line?

Before 2020, video content was already on the path of becoming the most effective way to connect with your audiences. Now it’s indispensable.

Why do videos matter for creators?

Video posts receive 2.1x more comments and more likes than a static post. That’s why videos matter for creators. They help expand your reach like nothing else. 

Twitter says that 82% of its users watch videos. So, if you’re failing to get likes, RTs or quote tweets, add them.

Facebook mentions live videos get 6x the interaction. So, if you want to build a community and get users engaged with your content on the network, go Live. 

Why is it that video content makes such a massive difference to your follower numbers and engagement rate?

Because it is active content. Images or any other static posts are passive. A user can skim and scroll past them. Videos make them stop and focus for a few seconds if not minutes. This engages the mind more.

If they have to tap the screen to mute or unmute volume or the ‘keep watching’ button on Instagram, then the experience becomes even more interactive. It’s for this reason videos are more impactful than just sound, just text or just image. 

Another reason video content is essential: it helps retain more information. Research says that we can recall only 10% of what we hear. Now you know we keep thinking “arre, usne kya bola tha?”  

But we can recall 80% of what we see. Video combines both – sight and hearing – which is why people retain 95 % of it. Besides, it is far faster and easier to absorb than long text posts!

Mix all these reasons with the creative style of Instagram Reels, and it means with videos you get:

  • Quicker reach
  • Wider reach
  • More engagement

So, the question isn’t if videos matter or why is video content important. Take that as a fact. What you should be thinking about is what type of video content to make?
Are Videos Important in Influencer Marketing?


FYI, Google Insights has a whole infographic on how people in India are consuming online videos and the way it is empowering them to take action. Do not ‘pass go’ on it. Give it a glance for some incredible video content ideas. 

What makes video content important for brands?

From the brand’s perspective, video is no less important in influencer marketing. 97% of brands claim that video helped increase user understanding. 76% of say that video has even surged their sales

Why do videos give such drastic business results? Because before buying anything, people browse through online videos of that product or service. 

So, when a brand invests in videos, they get the power to connect and convert their audience at the right time and the right place:

  • When they’re searching for a new brand 
  • Or about to make a purchase

Think of it this way: A user is looking for a dishwasher. Then they stumble upon a video by their favourite creator using your dishwasher. By being present (and, of course, helpful) at that moment, you increase the chances of the user taking action and moving down the sales funnel.

All in all, video content can help brands:

  • Raise awareness
  • Stay top of mind
  • Drive conversions

We bid you adieu with some homework. 

For the next 24 hours, pay heed to how much attention you pay to videos compared to any other content. And when we say videos, we mean Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Twitter, IGTV, Reels, YouTube, or anywhere else!

In one day, you’ll automatically get the answer to why videos in influencer marketing matter!

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