Let’s face it, the global pandemic of coronavirus is here to stay. Even when the trends have observed a ray of positivity, it’s suggestive that we might have to accept living in the new normal. At least, until the vaccine arrives (we had to mention this)!

Most of the research shows that we have defaulted in coping with mental stress during the pandemic. We’ve all dealt with isolation, stress, panic, and a bit (lot) of anxiety. Things have been even tougher for creators who have to be constantly energetic in order to churn out engaging content (we feel you). They have to be on their toes to make their content machine up and running, which feels overwhelming amidst the chaos of a pandemic.

So, if you’re a creator, we have prepared an exclusive list of 5 creative ideas that will help you check those boxes of sanity and focus on positivity.

Idea No. 1- Skip the negative, even when it’s trending

As a creator, your content needs to be relevant and trending seems like a lucrative opportunity. But guess what, it’s okay to skip creating content on troubling topics. Even the audience now yearns for something new and refreshing.

Idea No. 2- Take 5 minutes (and only 5) to stay updated about the pandemic

Yes, we suggest dedicating a specific time to get updated about the latest news, numbers, and opinions. Remaining in denial will only bubble up your emotion and take it further to anxiety. 

Idea No. 3- Be grateful while washing those hands for 20 seconds

Your bai has returned to work. Swiggy has started delivering. You’re in great health. There’s a lot to be grateful for. Read them aloud while washing your hands. It will only help to make those 20 seconds pass swiftly.

Idea No. 4- Schedule a specific time to go out

Do not forget to wear a mask or maintain social distancing, but do step out for some time for no particular reason. Going out for a walk can be extremely refreshing for your mind and body. We highly recommend this personally.

Idea No. 5- Escort your devices out of the room at night

Yes, we understand the urge to check reactions on your content, but it’s advised to stay disconnected from the gadgets and virtual world, at least for a few hours before hitting bed. Trust us, it would result in a deep sleep. 

We have personally observed an increase in positivity by following these.

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