Let’s face it, right now, we yearn for positivity.

We are desperate for a little sunshine as there’s so much happening all around the world. And we are left to ponder, surrounded by the four walls. Yes, the growing uncertainty of the pandemic has left us anxious. Especially, because of the way information is getting distributed on tv and social media. The mixed content made it hard to balance mental health and interacting on social media.

But there have been good days.

And there have been campaigns advocating positivity by the brands and creators in New Zealand & Australia. These campaigns were super smart and witty, offering us a fresh perspective on goodness & positivity.

Let’s learn more about them:


No. 1- Important Covid 19 Messages- New Zealand Police_

2 meters please, 2 meters, please. I don’t want to breathe your Covid if you start to sneeze.”

I still can’t get over the song (watch it, you won’t either). It’s simple, funny, and yet so engaging. The video was an attempt to spread awareness about social distancing by New Zealand Police, and it went huge. The hilarious ways demonstrated in the video are actually essentials for social distancing. It was a fresh perspective of giving official information and we hope our officials learn a lesson or two from the kiwis (Mumbai Police on Twitter, are you listening?).


No. 2- You Haven’t Been Drinking Alone – Alcohol and Drug Foundation

A vital campaign by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation of Australia where they attempted to aware citizens of the ill effects of drinking. They packaged the video in a simple and sweet format by making children behave like adults. They gathered together on a video call and found every possible reason worthy of drinking. The video sheds light on how kids follow the parent’s path and look at their faces.


No .3- Shaken Not Broken- New Zealand

All the bars were closed overnight during the lockdown, causing a serious blow to business owners. There was no foreseen respite, and most of them couldn’t afford to pay the rent or staff’s salary. This campaign was directed to help them and urged people to step up for the bar owners as they have in our good times. The overall video is optimistic, with a sweet tone that urges Kiwis to go vocal for local (Deja Vu?).


No. 4- Feel Good Inside- Bumble

Don’t we need this badly- to feel good from inside?

A spectacular campaign by Bumble in Australia where they promoted having good times during the lockdown by connecting virtually. The video is pretty amazing, with catchy music that makes you forget worries, and dance your way out (or romancing, whatever you prefer) of the isolation and gloominess in the lockdown.


No. 5- Kindness is Everything- AMI Insurance

A different light to people’s behavior, the campaign acknowledges the fact that we have been kinder to friends, family, and neighbors during the lockdown. We have been there for each other and it urges us to carry forward this kindness to make it a regular affair.

It reinstates the fact that a little kindness goes a long way.

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